Valentine The Quiz 3

It's a week before Halloween you're at school for another day of romance and suspenceful fun just in time.

Go Find out who you love

Created by: dreamer12
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  1. You, Amber and Erin walk to school together you see Landon and start running you hate to say but you don't want your friends to know he likes you
  2. You get to school without Landon seeing you Jacob and Kyle meet you at the door "Hi ____ I wrote you a song I'll sing it to you... maybe" Jacob says flirty Erin smiles and whispers "Your like so totally luck he likes you" you see Ginny coming your way then turn to Jacob "I'll love to hear your song I bet it's awesome" "Totally for my favorite girl" he says and winks
  3. You look for Cole when he comes Ginny goes to him "Hey babe why'd you tell my exbf you weren't in love with me everyone knows you are" she says and wraps her arms around him "Cut it out Giniliana" Cole says "Oh baby you said my awful d-" she stops when her boyfriend comes "Cole your goin with my girl again I told you your so gonna pay" You go over to them "Hi Cole" you say "Hey ____" he says and hugs you "Sorry dude I've got a girl friend sorta" he winks at you The Peeps look amazed but Jacob looks jelious
  4. You go back to The Peeps "Wow ____ your were like so brave to stand up tp Turner he's a bully and so is Ginny" Erin says "You go girl" and she and Amber give you a high five "____ you wanna go out tomarrow" Jacob asks then looks at Kyle maybe a double date with Kyle and Erin or a triple with Amber and Bret" you grin "Sure thing Jacob" he winks
  5. Cole comes up to you "____ thanks for saving my face from Turner and Ginny" he says "It's nothing" you blush he winks "Just so you know there's nothing going on between me and Ginny she just does that so Turner will beat me up" you nod "She does seem to like you though" "Yeah well you wanna go on a double date with me my friend Dylan was talking about it he's taking Ashley maybe all four of us" "Deal" he winks "Day after tomorrow"
  6. Landon purposly bumps you "Hi ____ I missed you I haven't gotten to talk with you so I was getting really worried about it so you want to go out with me some time the new science museum just opened we could go there or if you want to see the new documentry on TV thats fine too" you nod "Let's go to the museum ok" "Ok ____ Thursday" "OK" "See you then" and he walks off
  7. It's gym period Amber, Jacob, and Bret are running late every one is partnering up for a dance Cole asks you to dance and Erin looks at you Kyle asks her you dance and close your eyes it's almost like a dream "____ open your eyes k" you open them Cole's a great dancer you see Jacob dancing with Amber and Bret dancing with a girl named Deliha who has blonde hair and black eyes
  8. Landon comes over to you "Oh ____ I thought I wouldn't get to talk with you again I just wanted to say..." he then goes off with another nerd Jacob comes over "Wierdo" you nod "He speask to random people then goes off" Jacob says "Yeah he's done that to me" Amber says "I could've puked"
  9. You pick up a flyer about the Halloween dance in a week you need a date to go or be riduclued they'll have a costume contest and everything
  10. You get home and see a red van parked in your drive way "Mom did you get a new car or did Dad" you say your mom comes out "It's better than that Aunt Emma's coming to visit soon the car someone left it here for a while" "Aunt Emma really I got to tell Erin that my aunt's a model she'll be so impressed"

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