Valentine The Quiz 5

You're stuvk at your house with Amber and Erin who slept there after the Halloween dance there's a huge snow storm and all three boys call asking you to be their gf

Here I am in your life here you are in mine yes we have a suite life most of the time... please take my quiz while I sing baby baby baby oh baby baby baby noooooo i thought u were mine mine

Created by: dreamer12

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  1. It's the first day of November it appeared to snow a lot last night so Amber and Erin are stuck at your house your Aunt Emma was sopossed to come today but you're worried she won't make it and worried about your love life your mom gave you hot chocolate to sip in your room "Guys have you seen how Jacob acted at the dance last night" You finnaly say "Duh I'm thinking of booting him off the club if he acts like that" Erin says "It's like so totaly aweful for him to go with Ginny of all people" "I know she's the worst girl ever she steals every ones boyfriend and ____ I think she's aiming otrward you because Cole likes you better than her" Amber says "I like Cole but Jacob..."
  2. You continue to talk "Girls you know what I don't get is the suden change with everones oppinion of Landon a complete turn around they used to think of him as some dweeb but now they all... like him" Amber says you nod "I've noticed that like how every one applauded when he sang that song" you say Erin busts out loud "And I just wanted to try what to do if I had the chance to do kissing chemistry" she sings you laugh "Actually Landon's song wasn't the worst I've heard" Amber says "But I still want to date Kyle" "I want to date I don't know yet" you say "What about Cole or Jacob maybe Landon even or Bret or Dylan" Erin says
  3. You continue to talk about boys when Cole calls "Hi ____ I just wanted to say I had a blast at the party last night" "Me too" "I know it's wierd to ask over the phone but... will you wanna be my um... girlfriend it's ok if you say no we can still be friends" "I think I'll say yes" "Alright so now we're steady I just want it to last at least a month well I gotta go see you later" "Ok bye" you run into the living room where Erin and Amber are "Cole is now my bf" you say they both scream "Oh my gosh you're so kidding" Erin says "No he asked me that was him onthe phone" "Oh I'm so happy for you" and they both hug you
  4. You celebrate with your friends "You and Cole I hope will be together for like a really long time" Amber says "Oh I so hope so but just wait til Jacob finds out he'll be whats the word" Erin says "Jelious" Amber says "Yeah he'll be jelious about it I hope he gets over it quick though" "Me too" you say you do a fashion show with the designer clothes you have while talking and dancing
  5. your mom calls from work "Emma can't be here til tomarrow sweetie I'm sorry" "Awwwwww, but I have good news Cole and me are now a couple" "Great honey" "I'm telling dad when he gets home" "Ok bye"
  6. You check your email and see one from Jacob "Hey ___ sorry about last night I still wanna be your boyfriend" you sit still "Girls Jacob wants to get back together with me I dunno what to do" you say "Tell him your dating Cole it's not fair the way he treated you" Amber says "Find a new hottie ___" Erin says "Uh be helpful" Amber says "Ok I'll keep with Cole for now if it doesn't work out I'll try again with Jacob"
  7. You then start talking about what your life was like before you moved here "I did have a boyfriend named Tanner" you say "Ooooo was he hot" Erin says "He was ok but I like (either Cole, Jacob or Landon) now" who'd ya pick
  8. The phone rings you pick it up and Landon calls "Hi ___ it's me Landon do you want to be my girl friend then we could date and..." "Oh call waiting call you back Hello" it's the vacum sales dudes again you hang up
  9. You go into the den and burst into tears "Oh my gosh as if it couldn't get any worse Landon asked me to be his girlfriend" "Calm down we'll figue something out ____" Amber says "I really think you should tell the truth to Landon and Jacob that your're dating Cole right now" she continues "Find a new hottie" Erin says you look "I'll tell them and try to still be friends"
  10. You sit and drink hot chocolate while watching The Suite Life of Zack and Cody reruns

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