Beautiful Endings Part 23

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Created by: Dannica
  1. "Chant!" Sadie yelled over the commotion. They both managed to get away from the fire, but were separated when the Districts started fighting over the exit. Sadie decided to stick with Bella, since she knew the Core better than she did. "Chant!" She stood up on a boulder and scoured the crowds, hoping he was okay. "Sadie!" She turned around and saw Bella running over to her. "It's the headmistress of the Vampire District. She wants to speak with you." Sadie sucked in a sharp breath. "Me? Why?" Bella looked worried. "Because of the smaller Districts. It wasn't necessarily a part of her plan." Sadie looked behind her shoulder one last time at the crowd and then stomped down from the boulder with a shaky nod. "Okay. Take me to her, then."
  2. "Why do you think she did it?" Alex asked, raking his hands through his hair. Christofer was hugging his legs. "I think Sarah pretty much explained it. She wanted it out of her." Alex threw a rock. "There could have been another way." "No, there couldn't. Would you rather be the one to stab her and have Zathara transfer to you?" "I would do it. If it was out of her and she survived." "See but that's the problem. Now you have Zathara in you. And _____ would obviously want it out of you, then somebody would have to stab you, which I would volunteer to do, but then I would have Zathara in me. It's a cycle. That's why Zathara has been alive for so many years." Alex inhaled a breath. "She sacrificed herself for all of us." "Yeah, but at least she has a chance." Christofer watched the potion bubble and fizz. "It's almost ready."
  3. Alex started drawing things in the dirt with a stick. He never thought all of this would be happening. he was shipped to California, pretty much having to be forced to live with another family. Then he fell in love with a girl, met her ex boyfriend, went to the Core to rescue her boyfriend and their parents, and then found out that the mastermind behind all of this was his lunatic father. Yeah, that makes sense. Oh yeah, and he found out that Misty was actually alive and then he had to watch her die again, and there's a 50/50 chance that ______ might die. He tossed another rock into oblivion. The rain started coming down ever harder. He watched Christofer make shapes with his fingers, a nonchalant expression on his face. "How are you so calm over this?" Christofer stopped and looked up. "When you lose so many people, the stress and anxiety just doesn't affect you the same way." "And how many people have you lost?" Christofer shrugged. "I lost gumbo, so I found out before I got out of there, I left my family behind. I lost my condo." Alex gave him a look. "Michael managed to burn it down, I guess. So I lost all my pictures. My memories before she lost hers."
  4. Alex didn't know what to say. "And I think I also lost her. Not just because of the state she's in right now." Alex crinkled his brow. "She only said she wanted me to carry her so she could"”" "That's not it," he cut off. "You've had so many opportunities with her. You two have something that her and I will never have. It's strange." "It's because you were kidnapped," Alex said. "But she wanted to find you. And besides, I don't think we're even official yet." It was silent for a moment, the only sound was the rain pattering and the hits of thunder rolling. "Who do you think she'll pick?" Christofer asked, changing the subject. "What?" "Who do you think she'll pick? You or me?"
  5. Alex thought about it. "I don't know. I'm hoping me, though." Christofer looked down. "I honestly don't think I have a chance anymore." Alex threw a rock at his shoe. "You need to stop doing that, bro. Who knows what goes on through a girl's mind." He paused, and then chuckled. "Oh yeah, I do. But that doesn't make a difference. You've been there with her from the very beginning. That has to count as something. And if she doesn't pick me, I'll be happy that she's with you." Christofer smiled. "You know, Alex, you're not that bad." Alex smirked. "I know. I'm actually pretty kick ass."
  6. Sadie was led by Bella towards a jungle of trees, trying her best not to trip over loose vines and tree roots that knotted up from the ground. What if she punishes me? Sarah thought in her mind. She had so many worries going on about in her head that she ran into something. Actually, someone. And it wasn't Bella. Sadie looked up into Lady Kora's shining eyes, her fangs hanging over her lip. "Are you the girl who led the smaller Districts into the battle?" she asked in a bittersweet tone. Sadie nodded timidly. Lady Kora grinned. "Come. Let's walk."
  7. Her eyes were flickering from black to her regular eye color. It was a fast movement, disturbing and somewhat scary. The boys were gathering around her, the potion in Christofer's hand. Suddenly she spoke. But it altered between her voice and what they guessed was Zathara. She was muttering sounds again, words that sounded gibberish. But then her voice cut through the air, loud and clear. It was her, and she was straining for her words to be heard. "Give it to me," she said. "Now." Christofer looked at Alex, whom nodded, and with shaky hands, poured the drink into her mouth. She swallowed it with difficulty and then closed her eyes once more.
  8. Nostalgia. It was doing its thing. I felt my memories rush through my mind"”but I also felt Zathara's. It has been an ongoing battle between us. Nothing physical, however, or else we would just be hurting each other. It all came down to which soul had more to fight for. Our memories collided, counteracting each other since they were so different. Her memories were dark and sad and haunting, while mine were entirely opposite. They swirled together, both trying to get rid of the other. I focused on my thoughts only. The happy ones. the ones without tragedy or loss. But it was hard because Zathara's memories were so poisoned, it seemed to darken everything. Flashes of images whirred around in my head, some of them longer than others. I remembered when Alex and I had our first date in the park. We danced by the lake, and he crossed his heart to never leave me. I remembered the way he called me princess. The way he was the first day I met him at school. I also remembered Christofer. When I fell into the water at Mulligans and he laughed that laugh that creates butterflies in my stomach. And when he first saved me from the Ferris Wheel, all the way back when we were laying in the back of his truck on a blanket watching the eclipse.
  9. I remembered other things, too. Family moments, my friends, all the times when I laughed so hard my stomach started hurting and I swore I was getting a six pack. I didn't know what I looked like, but I'm pretty sure I started smiling. 'No...' And then I had an epiphany. I didn't need powers. 'this isn't happening...' Because there is one thing in the world that always conquers. And I know it sounds really corny because it's been said in almost every movie, but I guess it's true. It's love. Love and happiness and prosperity and just all the good words in the dictionary. Zathara didn't have that. She had hatred and anger. And where can you get with that? I could feel the healing potion taking affect on my wound, and that Nostalgia was definitely wearing off. So it turns out my crazy, psychotic plan worked out after all. I felt my head clear out, and I felt like myself again. Cleaner and at peace. And as if I were given a second chance at life, I opened my eyes, never taking it for granted again.
  10. There's always something to live for. It could be anything as simple as music, a friend, or even a pet. But there is always something. So when I got my first look back into the world and saw Christofer and Alex's faces, I knew that they were the two. I didn't have time to really sink the moment into my brain as another memory, because everything was very chaotic. I sat up and then saw Ash, Gumbo, Sarah, Bella, and the vampire boy with relieved expressions on their faces. Christofer pulled me into a hug and then kissed my forehead multiple times saying something I don't remember. Alex did the same, and helped me to my feet. I looked at the place where I lay and saw that there was a big depression in the dirt. Smoke eased out from it, black and dirty, and released itself into the air, the rain washing it away. "Congratulations," Gumbo had said. "It's over."

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