Beautiful Endings Part 17

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Created by: Dannica
  1. Bella was still trying to find a way to get the animals into the Underbelly. Of course, she could just tell them to swim, but most were land animals and would die anyways. And that stupid mermaid. Does she really think animals have juicy, gossip-worth secrets? She looked over her shoulder at her hoards of animals just grazing around, waiting for her command. But the truth was, she didn't know if she could do it. Whilst living in the Core, all Bella had done was mill around the Square, helping her parents at their herb store down the strip. She never thought in a million years she would be one of the leaders of an army. It was whimsically intriguing. "Are you going in or not, babe?" the mermaid asked, examining her tail. "I haven't got all day."
  2. Bella sat down on a rock, floundered. What if they needed her? What if they were losing and they need her help? She learned that the mermaid's name was Shaila (from all the time she's spent in the same spot), and felt as if she was hiding something. Then Bella got an idea. "Have you ever had anybody ask you for a secret?" Shaila flicked her tail and laughed. "No, sill. I swim in secrets"”I'd never reveal my own." Bella leaned in closer to the water. "Would you ever trade one? Because I happen to just have remembered one of my biggest secrets. It was in the beginning of the school year, and there was this guy"”" she stopped herself short. ""”you probably don't want to hear it anyways." But Shaila looked at her with wide eyes. "And what happened?" Bella shook her head. "No. Only a secret for a secret. Or maybe I can just ask you a question and you can answer." The mermaid took a while to reply. "How do I know you will not trick me?" Izzy laughed. "You can only show me where it is anyways. If it's a trick then you don't have to answer the question." The mermaid giggled and then motioned Bella to go on with her story"”a fake, yet very realistic story that she got so into, it actually felt like her biggest secret. When she was done, Shaila nodded in approval. "Where's the other entrance to the Underbelly?" I know there must be another one where my animals can get through or else everybody would be soaking wet when entering."
  3. Shaila looked at her as if she knew that's what Bella was going to ask about. "There is one in which I only know. It's a secret still, since the Relocation just happened, so the Infernos don't know of it yet." She pushed her hair behind her shoulder and nodded towards a big boulder covered in moss and ivy. She poked the rock with a magical rhythm that would be impossible to imitate, and the top of the rock popped off into a small hole. "You expect us to fit in that?" Bella asked, believing it was also a trick. But yet the mermaid nodded seriously. "You will get smaller for the hole, but get bigger as you fall through. Take it like Alice in Wonderland." Bella sighed and whispered for the animals to go through. they obliged and went through the hole easily. The mermaid smirked. "Told you."
  4. "How does your new body suit you?" Oath asked. I was getting annoyed. I had no control of myself whatsoever. I wondered what my eyes looked like. "She's powerful," she hissed. I could hear Oath laughing. "Obviously not powerful enough in order for you to be reborn, I hope?" The voice"”according to Oath, Zathara"”suddenly felt anger, as I felt it as well. We were like emotionally connected. "You hope?" I decided to lay back so I could get some information, then fight. "You should be dead," Oath said in a serious tone. "Evermore so, you should still be with me. If only that stupid girl hadn't cut my hand off you wouldn't be with her." What? "Jealous, I assume," Zathara guessed. "Perhaps just looking for a new power. Perhaps I was just missing your company with your damn messages in my head." So Oath had this voice in him too? "Don't complain," she said coolly. "You're the one that made the transfer." It was silent for a moment, my mind going blank, my ears still hearing tidbits of the conversation, but not enough to actually process the words. I tried pushed away my uneasiness and tried envisioning my self before the voice began showing itself. And yet my mind was still in a state of darkness. "We'll talk later," Zathara said. And just like that, my vision was back.
  5. Sarah was half fighting, half looking behind her shoulder for Bella to come with her reinforcements. It was an aggravating wait, even though she knew the animals couldn't go through the water. You could say it was sort of like advanced multitasking. It was easy though, since she could often see tiny parts of what her opponents would do before it happened. She turned around to look behind her once more for Bella and suddenly was pushed back so hard she slid past the battle going on around her, crashing into a wall. She got up, half in shock and half in anger that she didn't see it coming. the person who pushed her was Cole. She recognized him from behind anywhere, from all the time she's spent with him recently. But he was standing still. "Cole?" He staggered a little bit on his feet, and slowly turned around. He was holding a dagger hilt, that was all the way into his chest, where his heart would be.
  6. Sarah gasped and ran towards him. He was whiter than ever, which seemed impossible since he was a vampire. It scared her. She pushed him towards a pillar and removed the dagger fast. "Don't go, okay?" She mumbled, trying to sound strong. She felt his pulse on his neck. Thump thump thump, it went, slow and faint. A dark spot was growing on his shirt, right where the dagger hit him. His eyes were blank. "Cole," Sarah started, tears starting to form in her eyes. "I know I act like a total b--ch towards you, but I don't want you to leave, okay?" She was speaking fast, searching for Ash. Suddenly she heard a big boom, and Bella came charging in with an army of animals pacing behind her. Sarah fixed her eyes back at Cole, her mind completely going blank. Then, Cole started to smile. That goofy grin that Sarah always wanted to smack off. He sat up with an amusing groan, as the blood stain started fading. "I told you you like me," he said with a smirk. Sarah widened her eyes. "What? You were stabbed!" Cole laughed, showcasing a dimple that she didn't notice before. "I'm a vampire. I'm immortal. I little dagger to the heart can't hurt me."
  7. Sarah opened her mouth to say something, but closed it, her face reddening. The she smacked him hard on the arm. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" To her surprise, Sarah found herself laughing. She was relieved and humiliated at the same time. "You almost made me cry over you just so that I would admit that?" Cole grinned. "You never really did admit it. So you do?" Sarah looked around, trying to think if the right words. "I don't know. You know, it's not really the appropriate time to be discussing this." Cole leaned in. "Then how about the Spring Ball? Is that appropriate enough for you?"
  8. Sarah rolled her eyes and smiled. She had to admit: he was smooth when it came to words. "Are you asking me to go to the ball with you? Me? A commoner to one as almighty as you?" This time it was Cole's time to laugh. "Touche. But yes, I am asking you to the Spring Ball. I assume you're going to say yes, am I right?" She bit her lip, and after a few seconds, nodded. Cole smiled wickedly as if he knew all along and got up, helping Sarah onto her feet. They were about to back and fight when Cole grabbed her arm to get her attention. "Try not to get stabbed again, okay? Just because I'm immortal doesn't mean the blade doesn't sting. And I don't want my date covered in cuts and bandages. I have a reputation to withstand."
  9. "We have an emergency," Mrs. Roberts said. Chant and Sadie rose from the sofa. Sadie has been spending a lot more time in the house just so that she could stay updated with the things that has been happening. "What is it?" Chant asked. "there is an early battle happening in the Underbelly and it turns out our side is losing.Oath has too many on his side." Sadie sighed, hoping she could so something. But she was only half nymph and half human. How could that help? "Who is Oath's side fighting against?" she asked. "Vampire, Centaur, Goblin, and Werewolf Districts"”the major ones." Sadie sat back down, determined to help. "But what about the Faerie District?" Mrs. Roberts seemed unimpressed with all the questions. "The Seelie Queen has forbade anybody to be involved in this war between the Inferiors. Therefore, even if the faeries wanted to help, they would never disobey their queen." Chant scratched his head: something he always did when he had an idea. He was always the other way around when it came to habits. That was one of the reasons why Sadie liked him in the first place.
  10. "What about the smaller Districts? Why don't they help?" His mom pursed her lips. Because, honey, they're not as powerful and there is only a small amount in their army." Sadie was about to raise her hand before speaking because it felt like she was talking to one of her teachers at school. "But they need all the help they can get. Shouldn't we do something? Why don't we just get all the Districts and we can work together?" She stood up again and started pacing back and forth. "I mean, I know some kinds don't like each other, but if we're fighting for the same cause then why not contribute, you know? They need their help and they should get their asses over to the Underbelly so they can save their home." She stopped pacing, feeling as if she just gave a lecture at church. "And scene," Chant said, putting the Compor back in his pocket. "What did you just do?" Mrs. Roberts asked. Chant smiled. "Sending everybody the message. Now, let's go to the Core. I hear they're having a dance there in two days or so."
  11. "Are you enjoying her?" Oath asked me, still keeping that calm expression on his face. I bet he wins a lot at poker. "Zathara can be such a hassle though. Always trying to kill you. Ha, those were the days. I was powerful with her. That is, until you took her from me." I couldn't move a muscle. My eyes were plastered onto Oath as if he were holding me there with his mind. I heard a loud boom outside, which made me jump. "I see the battle has come quite not on schedule, but that is alright." He stepped down a couple of stairs and handled the serum in his hands. "I've always wondered what would happen if you injected this serum into somebody who already is powerful. Wouldn't you like to find out, deary?" Then I heard a small buzzing noise coming above my head. I looked up, and on the ceiling was a translucent screen. Then it started to flicker, and an image popped up. It was Alex. He was laying on a gurney, not moving a muscle.

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