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  • Yes, it should be a beaautiful ending for everyone. :'3

    OMG, the last two questions were so beautiful. :') (Little personal story) Lately I had been thinking that everyone hates me and I had no reason to be alive anymore. But I do have a reason to live. I want to make a change in the world and save others from what I've put up with. Thank you. :')

    Oh, and I don't want you to move to tumblr! D: It would mean giving into the popularity of the site and just, no. . . :(

  • I agree with Firey_soul! Anyway this rocked and I can't believe it'd almost ending. I can feel it and they said it's over! But who is she going to chose? What are you going to do for the ending? Oh and thanks for not killing me!! You know it was amazing you amazing! I don't think inam ever going to stop saying that about your quizzes

  • Yes Sadie and Chant should get back together. No this shouldn't end. Yes you should make the next part quickly. No you should'nt just use a tumbler. I can't get on tumbler, so I would have no way of reading your stories. PLEASE don't get on tumbler! or just tumbler-you could do both

  • OH MY EFFING JELLY BEANS O.O I'm nearly speechless. That was as intense as it was inspiring. As perfect as it was human. And I can't believe I didn't get a chance to read it earlier because of an English essay -.- grrr, going to read the next one!

  • sigh yes, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ENDING!!! this is one of my most favorite series! thank you thank you for letting me like grow with these fictional characters, and making them love me and everything! unfortunately, i'm still split between them! alexinator or christosaur!

  • I love this series!!!! Can't believe it's almost over though... *tear* This series is freakin AWESOME!!!!!

  • im still crying

  • Omfg, this series is so freaking perfect. 'Nuff said. :D

  • i love it!! dont want you to move to tumblr though..


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