Hogwarts Part 9

In this quiz, you can become a part of Hogwarts. Join Harry's adventures and meet the beloved characters of Harry Potter, along with some new ones as the story progress. Starting in your third year, you can experience Hogwarts life for yourself.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Find out in this quiz. Starting in your third year, you will get the opportunity to become friends and more with Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Oliver Wood.

Created by: music826

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  1. This edition might be a bit longer than usual, so I apologize in advance for that. I hope you enjoy anyway! *Recap* In the last edition, you left Hogwarts after a rather crazy school year. You broke up with Oliver, said goodbye to all of your friends, and even had a run in with Draco. Ron invited you to the Quidditch World Cup, which you accepted, and went to find your grandparents, who were accompanied by a small redheaded girl. When asked, your grandmother told you she was your sister.
  2. "Why, she's your sister, Cassandra." "My-my...what?" I was speechless. My thought process seemed to be frozen and my mouth was open in comical shock. "Your sister. Actually, she's your half sister. Either way, you're related," my grandmother said bluntly. The girl stepped forward shyly and held out her hand to shake. "I'm Arianna," she said in a soft voice. "C-Cassandra," I replied shakily, taking the proffered hand. "There, now we're all introduced. Let's go," my grandmother interrupted, pushing us towards the car. The ride home was rather silent, and I took the first opportunity I could to corner my grandparents once Arianna was out of earshot. "I think I deserve an explanation," I said quietly but firmly. My grandmother looked momentarily annoyed, but obliged. "Your father dumped her on our doorstep just a month ago, muttering some rubbish about the danger she faced in his company. So, now we have another mouth to feed and another witch to hide," she said in annoyance, looking at me as if I was the cause of the inconvenience. "Did he say anything else? Leave anything?" I asked eagerly, desperate to find out more about this mysterious man I had never known. "Only this," she said shortly, pulling a small slip of parchment from her dress pocket and handing it to me. It was a signed permission slip for Hogsmeade. I felt my spirits sink a bit. A year ago, I would have been thrilled, but it was a bit of a disappointment now. All those years I hadn't known anything about my parents, and now all I had was two useless objects and a lousy slip of parchment. Nevertheless, I thanked my grandparents and went to face my newfound sister.
  3. The weeks of summer passed at a crawl. Since Arianna and I had to share a room, we had plenty of opportunity to get to know each other. As the awkward atmosphere relaxed a little more each day, we swapped stories and got to know a little more about each other's lives. She was going into her first year at Hogwarts, given she got her letter. As far as her family, her life was about as obscure as mine. We had the same father, and different mothers. She really didn't know too much about our father, which was a surprise. She only saw him when he came to move her to a different relative's house. Apparently, this was the new one. Her mother was less of a mystery. She had been a Hufflepuff at Hogwarts and died shortly after Arianna had been born, presumably killed by one of Voldemort's servants. Soon enough, Arianna received her Hogwarts letter, and I took her to Diagon Alley to get her supplies via the Knight Bus. The rest of the summer passed by with dull days of writing letters and reading.
  4. After Arianna and I had told each other basically every sad aspect of our short lives, it was time to go to the Quidditch World Cup. I had already gotten permission to bring Arianna along because Mr. Weasley had extra tickets, so we packed up our things and waited for them to arrive impatiently.Eventually, they did arrive – in our fireplace. Ron stumbled out of a green fire and looked around a bit dizzily. I hugged him in greeting. "What took you so long?" I demanded. "Er...fireplace traffic," he said jokingly. The older looking redhead who stepped out of the flames approached me. I assumed he was Mr. Weasley. "Are we ready to go, then?" he asked, looked around at our Muggle possessions with a profound look of fascination. Barely suppressing a giggle, I nodded. He took our luggage and sent it on its way to the Weasley household, and he, the twins, and Arianna all stepped into the green flames in the fireplace. They vanished a moment later, and I looked towards the fire a bit uncertainly. Ron grinned and took my hand hesitantly. "Come on, it's fine. I've done it loads of times," he said, and yanked me into the fireplace with him.
  5. We landed with the others a moment later. The problem – we were stuck in Harry's fireplace. I wasn't particularly terrified of small spaces, but with six people crammed into a space meant for a few logs of firewood, I was on the verge of a panic. Ron was squashed against me uncomfortably, his face just inches from mine. If it were lighter, I could have sworn he was blushing. "Is this supposed to happen?" I asked nervously. "Not exactly," he said, and craned his neck to see Mr. Weasley. "Dad, can we get out of here now?" he asked urgently. Mr. Weasley looked around distractedly, as if he hadn't even noticed our predicament. "Ah, yes, right," he said purposefully, and then decided that we would have to blast ourselves out. A few moments later, everyone fell out in awkward piles. Naturally, I landed on top of Ron. I scrambled to my feet embarrassedly, and looked around the demolished living room. Harry's aunt, uncle, and cousin were staring at us in terrified silence. Harry himself just looked amused and helped send his trunk along to the Burrow. As Mr. Weasley tried to talk himself out of the situation, I edged over to Harry and took his hand, pulling him into the flames along with Ron and Arianna.
  6. We all collapsed into the Weasley's kitchen with relieved sighs. Ron's oldest brothers Bill and Charlie greeted us, and over a short time, George, then Fred, and finally Mr. Weasley appeared in the small room. Mr. Weasley appeared to be arguing with the twins about a prank they had pulled on Harry's cousin Dudley. As I crept away with the others, I ran into a plump woman who appeared to be Ron's mother. "Hello, dear. You must be Cassandra, and this must be your sister. Ron's told us all about you of course." she said warmly. "I've sorted out your rooms upstairs. Cassandra, Arianna, you'll have to squeeze in with Ginny and Hermione. Harry, you'll be with Ron and the twins," she explained, and then went to yell at the twins. I picked up my luggage and began to make my way up the stairs when two Gryffindor girls smothered me with a hug. My trunk came loose from my hand and went crashing back down the stairs. Unfortunately, it hit Harry instead of the floor. I ran down the stairs in a flash, praying Harry hadn't broken anything.
  7. "Harry! Are you okay?" I asked frantically, pulling the trunk away so he could sit up. "I'm fine," he replied a bit dazedly, propping himself up with his arms. I helped him to his feet, apologizing a few times in the process. He grinned at my concern. "Really, I'm fine. But I should probably take that trunk before you hit someone else with it," he said teasingly. I punched him playfully. "I can do it," I said indignantly, but he took the heavy piece of luggage anyway. We slowly started on our way up the stairs, talking about everything from our summers to the year to come. Before long, we had reached the landing outside of Ginny's room. "Well, thanks for carrying my trunk," I said gratefully, taking it from him again. "No problem. I probably saved someone a broken arm," he said, grinning. I punched him a second time. "I'll give YOU a broken arm!" I said, laughing. As we made fun of each other, Ron trudged up the steps behind us. "Are you two going to move or do I have to listen to this all day?" he grumbled, looking at the two of us jealously. Somewhat annoyed, I shot a last smile at Harry and disappeared into Ginny's room.
  8. The day passed by in a blur of happy reunions. I met the rest of Ron's large family and endured Hermione and Ginny's gossip about who would ask me to Hogsmeade that year, which caused a lot of rolling of the eyes on my part. Soon enough, it was time to go to the Quidditch World Cup. We set out early in the morning, meeting with Cedric Diggory and his father along the way. After finding our campsite, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and I went out to find water. Ginny and Arianna stayed behind. We got sidetracked along the way, of course, particularly myself. I ran almost directly into Oliver. I should've known he would be there since it was the most important Quidditch match in the wizarding world. I shifted uncomfortably under his delighted gaze. "Hi, Oliver," I said with a nervous smile as the others shuffled off. He grinned in response and hugged me as if it was still last year. "Oliver, you do remember that we're not...we're not..." I tried to think of a nice way to put it, but failed. It was still a bit recent. "Oh, yeah. I know," he said reluctantly, drawing back quickly. He chattered happily about Puddlemere United while I walked alongside him, occasionally filling in the silences. I heard the others distantly calling for me to come back, and I reluctantly said goodbye to Oliver, who looked a bit crushed that I hadn't stayed longer. "I'll see you later," I said, trying to lift his spirits a bit. He smiled half-heartedly, and I walked back to our campsite.
  9. We went to the match soon enough, and it turned out we had Top Box seats. Draco did as well, unfortunately. He looked at the Gryffindors contemptuously as we filed into our seats, and sent me an almost jealous glance when he noticed my presence among them. The match continued on, and after a fairly short match, Ireland came out victorious. Everyone in our group was cheering triumphantly throughout the night until Arianna, Hermione, Ginny, and I had to return to the girl's tent to sleep. Unfortunately, we weren't resting for long.
  10. "Everyone, get up! We have to go!" Mr. Weasley yelled into our tent urgently, before leaving to join other Ministry members. I was never good at getting up in a hurry, though. I fell out of bed with a thump while the other three girls ran out of the tent, positively panicked. I scrambled up and sprinted after them, but it was already too late. The mass of screaming people separated us, and I was soon alone and confused, still bleary eyed with sleep. Masked people were going around the campsite, terrorizing everyone in their path. One started to approach me from a distance, and I slowly backed away, almost paralyzed with fear. Suddenly, the man's wand went flying out of his hand, disarming him, and a hand grabbed mine, pulling me away at a sprint. "What are you doing?" Draco screamed at me through the chaos, directing me towards the forest. I was struggling to keep up with him, always staying a couple of feet behind. "You need to get out of here!" he said frantically, weaving through the trees. I saw other people up ahead, still running. Draco's hand was suddenly ripped from mine, and he went sprawling to the ground. "Take that, you little weasel!" Oliver's angry voice came from behind. Draco got to his feet ungracefully, wand at the ready. Oliver disarmed him with a casual flick of his own wand. "Don't even think about it," he said coldly. "Oliver, he was trying to help..." I tried, but he completely ignored me, advancing on Draco with a furious look on his face. "Oliver!" I tried again, afraid of what he was going to do to him. "He saved my life! Let him go!" I screamed at him. Oliver hesitated, and then lowered his wand and backed away without a word. "Let's go," he said to me in a low voice, and then led me off further into the forest.
  11. After what seemed like hours wandering around in the forest, it was finally safe to return to the tents. Oliver escorted me to my tent, and said goodbye a second time, promising me he'd see me soon. Mr. Weasley explained that a large group of Voldemort's servants, also known as Death Eaters, had attacked the camp. We left bright and early the following morning, and soon after, we had arrived at King's Cross Station to return to Hogwarts. I had a feeling it was going to be a very interesting year.
  12. *music826* I'm sorry if this seemed really disjointed. I kind of added and deleted sentences randomly to make things shorter, and my computer somehow deleted one of the questions, so I had to go back and rewrite half of the quiz. Also, I'm sorry that Neville wasn't in this one; I promise he'll be there in the next edition. Other than that, I hope you enjoyed and I'll try to make the next part better. It probably won't be out until I finish with semester exams, though.

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