Hogwarts-Will You Do Well There?

Hogwarts is proud to present that you have been chosen to take part of a quiz to enter Hogwarts! We want to see if you really can be a student here.

By answering the questions, you will ether be accepted, or denied. So, if you really are serious about getting in, you should really think about the questions, and answer correct.

Created by: G.R.H.S

  1. Someone insults you, you...
  2. How would you make a feather float?
  3. You have to write a report on magical beings on your first day. You write about...
  4. You learned about a creature of the night that kills everyone in its way. It is...
  5. What is a Snitch?
  6. What are 2 classes you'll take in first year?
  7. Name 2 more classes you will do in your first year.
  8. What is DADA?
  9. What are your houses?
  10. Do you believe in magic?

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Quiz topic: Hogwarts-will I Do Well There?