What Harry Potter Magical Creature Are You The Most Like?

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You hopefully already know your house, wand, and patronus. You may even know what character you are most like and what creature you would bring to Hogwarts. But do you know what magical creature you would personally be! Just answer the questions truthfully and you shall see if you will fly through the sky's, steal coins from a stranger, or wash the sheets at Hogwarts!

I do know that some of the results are what you would call a Half Breed in the HP world. I am not saying they are just creatures, they are human beings and they deserve to be recognized as humans. I still put them in the quiz though for more variety. I am not trying to offend anyone and please do not take anything to seriously. I am aware I am missing a few creatures/halfbreeds like centaurs and such, but I put as many in as I could.

Created by: Alice
  1. Which of these phrases/words do you connect with the most?
  2. Stars, Moon, or Planets?
  3. Which of these places would you rather go?
  4. Which stone/gem do you pick?
  5. Which meal sounds the most appealing?
  6. Movies or Books? ( It does not have to be the harry potter ones, I am talking in general )
  7. What animal are you bringing to Hogwarts?
  8. What would you love to do?
  9. Sky, earth, or sea?
  10. To end this quiz with a bang: What is your Hogwarts house?!

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Quiz topic: What Harry Potter Magical Creature am I The Most Like?