What magical creature are you?

When I saw all those quizzes on gotoquiz.com, I wanted to be a quiz-maker also. So I did a topic I know a lot about: Magic. It is something that has held me captive for years.

Now, you have the chance to find out what magical creature you are! Click on the link if you want to find out what wonderful powers await you in the magical realm.

Created by: Griffon and Laughingbird
  1. Which quality best describes you?
  2. How do you fight?
  3. Which super power would you rather have?
  4. Do you do/value hierarchy?
  5. You are a:
  6. Which constellation are you most like?
  7. Which pet would you most want to have?
  8. Which career most suits you?
  9. Which habitat do you feel most at home in?
  10. Do you prefer hot or cold?

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Quiz topic: What magical creature am I?