Hogwarts Part Sixteen

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Created by: HogwartsLove
  1. *Hey guys! Sorry if this one is confusing, and I also apologize about the last one (which has been edited majorly, so you might want to check the changes). I am speeding up the time a little for the next few editions just to get on with some upcoming things! I hope you're all having a good year and feel free as always to leave suggestions for the next editions by commenting or emailing! Also a quick few shout-out's to my sister @mqueen, who has just been so sweet and kind to me, @Calypso1315 for always being there for me, trusting me, and being extremely nice! And of course, @natuhleegayle! Also, please check out @5thMarauder's series! Her writing is amazing, and also read @HarryPotter_1D! I have so many thanks to give out but I can't write them all now, so forgive me and please enjoy! :D*
  2. "Ron, you'll be fine," Hermione groaned, running her fingers through her bushy hair in frustration. The Great Hall was full of students wearing either green or red. "But what if-" Ginny rolled her eyes at her brother. Harry finally sighed and poured something in Ron's drink. Hermione looked extremely offended. "Liquid Luck? Harry, professor Slughorn himself said that you can't use that for sporting events or-" "We talked about it," Harry interrupted, staring at Ron, who finally swallowed it. "Let's win this," he said, suddenly optimistic, jumping out of his seat and running to the entrance to go to the Quidditch pitch. You had to keep yourself from laughing, because Hermione was very unhappy.
  3. "Harry, why would you-" Hermione was interrupted in her lecture when Luna skipped up to the Gryffindor table with an extremely large lion hat. "Hello," she greeted dreamily. "I'll be cheering for you since Ravenclaw isn't playing." She went silent as she stared at you for a few moments. "Are you cheering for Slytherin?" she asked loudly, and it took awhile for you to realize what she meant. Hermione and Ginny glared disapprovingly at Draco's jacket that you'd unconsciously thrown on "” in a Gryffindor common room. "Uh..." You shrugged fairly. "I'm not really cheering for anyone in particular, I guess. Just... Yeah." It became extremely awkward when your entire table noticed. "Dear Merlin..." you muttered, rubbing your eyes.
  4. You grabbed Hermione's hand and made your way out to follow the players to the field to get a seat. Hermione tossed a nervous glance at you and cleared her throat. You looked over at her as together you sat in the bleachers after dodging hundreds of students, watching the Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Ron had been having a panic attack over it for the past few weeks, insisting he resign, but Harry refused to let him. While Katie Bell was in the hospital wing recovering, Dean Thomas, Ginny's boyfriend, took her place on the team. "I was thinking about asking Ronald," Hermione said nonchalantly, pretending to watch the game. "To Slughorn's Christmas party," she added, shifting uncomfortably in her seat. "You should," you replied, smiling because your friend was never the type to be interested in relationships as far as you knew. She grinned and laughed nervously, fidgeting with her hands. "Yes, but..." she trailed off as Ron actually blocked a Quaffle from getting in the hoop. She snorted at thinking what Harry had done.
  5. "Who are you going with?" your friend questioned, and you couldn't help but notice she was biting her lip like she was nervous about your answer. You clapped as Gryffindor scored a point before answering. "I haven't thought of anyone to ask, and no one yet has asked me, so I guess I'll just end up going by myself," you shrugged. She frowned and zipped up her jacket as snow started falling. "What about Oliver?" she brought up warily, tossing you a look. "I have to keep telling myself that if he wanted to talk to me, he would," you replied, staring at the field. She nodded as if she would drop it, but went on. "Ever thought that maybe... He's just busy with something else?" she offered. You laughed sarcastically. "Something else as in someone else? Yes, that's crossed my mind on several occasions." She sighed impatiently. "No, I mean s-" She couldn't finish as everyone blocked her voice out by cheering, and you faintly heard Luna Lovegood's hat roaring. But you didn't say anything else.
  6. "Told you it'd go well," Ginny said after the game in the castle's hallways, flicking your nose. You scowled. "Yeah, you were brilliant." "Can't tell whether that's sarcasm or not," she replied as Hermione wrung her hands beside you. "I can't find Ron anywhere..." she muttered, barely audible over the cheering of the Gryffindors. "He's probably off enjoying all his fangirls," Ginny rolled her eyes, and Hermione's narrowed as she snorted. "They didn't like him before he was on the Quidditch team," she accused, watching the students pass by. "Come on, he's probably at the party," you said as you grabbed Hermione's arm, wanting to find Neville, as you knew he must be having a heart attack in the chaos. 
  7. The common room was full-out packed, and you smiled as you saw Neville not actually dying from the large amount of people. Several people laughed as you passed them. "Told you to get rid of Malfoy's jacket," Ginny commented in a sing-song voice. You didn't answer, and both of them stopped. "There's Ron," Hermione said, trying to seem nonchalant as she walked off in his direction. "I'm gonna go see Dean," Ginny added, and left you by yourself. You sighed and started towards the girls' dormitories to turn in, seeing as there wasn't any point to sticking around and it was already fairly late. Before you could even make it to the staircase you were nearly smothered by someone.
  8. "A simple 'hello' would do," you lectured, trying not to laugh as Oliver stepped back. "I'm sorry," he apologized on seeing your expression. "I've been-" He stopped. "Been...?" you repeated. "I can't say yet..." "Promise to tell me when you can," you said, crossing your arms. Several times you'd been so frustrated you'd almost just thrown the box he'd given you away, but something always made you put it back in your pocket. He laughed. "Yes, I promise." You stared at him before sighing. "Dear Merlin you're difficult," you muttered. "I'M difficult?" he joked, and you shoved him away. It was hard not to accept his apologies. There was a sudden loud cheering as people circled around someone. You pushed past the crowd, and stood by Harry. You raised your eyebrows when you saw Lavender Brown in the middle kiss Ron. "I didn't expect Ron's sudden fame, I'll admit," Harry laughed. You shook your head but smiled for him nonetheless when Oliver joined you. Harry looked away and went silent. 
  9. There was a barely audible whimper from behind you, and your heart stopped when you remembered Hermione's plans to ask Ron to Slughorn's party. She stood frozen for a second before turning and quickly walking off. Harry looked at you, and you nodded before he went after her. "Oliver, I'll see you around," you said awkwardly, trying to find your way through, climbing out the portrait hole and glancing around to find where she'd gone. Ten minutes later you could hear her quietly crying down on a staircase near a corner and started silently towards where she and Harry were sitting, but stopped in your tracks, standing behind a pillar and feeling like an eavesdropper. 
  10. Little birds were flying around near Hermione when she said, "What does it feel like, Harry? Seeing _________ with Oliver?" Your heart stopped. "What do you mean?" Harry asked warily. "I see how you look at her, Harry. You're my best friend." You couldn't bring yourself to think it over. But you didn't have long to contemplate because just then Ron and Lavender made a loud entrance from around the corner, and Hermione quickly wiped her tears, not wanting to give Ron the satisfaction of seeing her cry. "Guess this room's taken!" Lavender said when she noticed Harry and Hermione, her voice almost shrill, before skipping off somewhere else to wait for Ron. "Nice birds," Ron said for lack of anything else to say. Hermione stood up. "Oppugno," she said, and seemingly out of nowhere the flock of birds flew straight for Ron to attack, but he stepped aside just moments before and they hit the wall behind him. Feathers fell to the ground as they disappeared. Ron gave her a surprised and disgusted expression as he stalked off. When he rounded the corner again, Hermione fell back next to Harry and started crying against his shoulder. "It feels like this," Harry answered quietly. 

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