Hogwarts Part Eight

Hogwarts Part Eight is here, and so is Christmas! Who will be sticking around to spend the holidays with you, and will you have to meet up with Voldemort again?

Okay, so new result type things. The results are given from the boy's point of view (whichever boy you get as your "” well, result). They give hints, so you may want to try to get them all after your first real run through the quiz!

Created by: HogwartsLove

  1. You finally reached the school, and could almost feel the awkward. Two guys deathly devoted to you "” in the same area. You wanted to end it, just get right up to your bed and imagine that Voldemort wouldn't be angry with you at the next Death Eater meeting, but that didn't seem like it would happen anytime soon. As Draco and Oliver set the brooms down, you fidgeted, nervous. Draco was glaring at Oliver as he did this. 
  2. "You're real smart, aren't you?" Draco asked walking (I love his walk "” who knew you could love a walk? Sorry, moving on.) up to Oliver. "What's that supposed to mean?" Oliver responded, obviously trying not to snap. Draco shoved him. "You think doing that will make her safe? Think Voldemort's just a big softie?" Oliver looked guilty, glancing over at you. "No; but I did see the Dark Mark on her arm, and that alone worried me. You think I could just sit around waiting to get an owl saying she was dead?" he spat. You flinched "” for some reason it just occurred to you how much he really cared for you. "No, but I would like to think that she's safe with even you!" Again you winced. "Guys, come on... Stop," you said quietly. 
  3. They both turned to you. "It's not like we can change anything now," you pointed out. "Now let's go." You all went into the castle and Draco departed to go off to his bed. Together you and Oliver walked up to the Gryffindor common room. "Um... Thanks," you said. "There's nothing to thank me for... Voldemort's going to be dead angry with you." "I'd prefer he just be dead," you laughed. Oliver smiled. "But hey, just forget about it. You didn't know. Well, um... Good-night, then." You turned and walked up the stairs to go to sleep after Oliver, in return, bid you a good night's rest. 
  4. Months went by, and already you were in December, but still there was no Death Eater meeting "” at least not a single one that you were aware of. You were walking to Potions class a few weeks before Christmas Break, and you were anticipating for an easy class. After all, you hadn't been getting much rest, and right now what you needed was something simple. You sat down at a table, and Draco walked in and sat next to you. "Draco!" you cried. "Hey," he responded, smiling. "Um..." you dropped your voice to a whisper, "when's the next meeting?" He looked ahead. "What meeting?" "Death Eaters, of course." "Oh, why?" Your mouth dropped. "What do you mean why? When is the next meeting, Draco?" "Doesn't matter," he said simply. "Wh-what do you mean?" "It doesn't matter, because you aren't going." "What on earth are you talking about?" "I'm not letting you go." "But what if Voldemort gets mad about that?! Already he's angry about me for that incident last time! This won't help in any way! He'll kill me!" you cried in a whisper. He gave a laugh. "Think I'd let that happen? Obviously you haven't learned from past experiences." You smiled. "As much as I know-" "I care about you," he interrupted. "Uh... Yes. As much as I know you care about me, this is the Dark Lord we're talking about." He didn't answer. 
  5. When lunch time came around, you walked into the Great Hall and saw it had been decorated, pine trees on either side of the large room. You sat down by your fellow Gryffindors. "It's beautiful, isn't it? Wish I had something this pretty to look at all the time..." you commented, sitting by Oliver. He wrapped his arm around you. "I do," he laughed, and you joined him. "Thanks. You staying for Christmas?" you asked. "Are you?" You nodded. "Then I am, too," he answered, and you smiled. "Good." Ron and Harry walked up and sat next to your right, Harry closest to you. "Are you staying for the holidays?" "Yeah, Oliver and I were actually just talking about it. Are you and Ron staying?" "I'm staying, but Ron isn't," he responded. "Yeah, it stinks that I have to leave you guys," he added. "Well it's good to be with your family at this time of year," you said, and he nodded frantically. "Oh, yes, of course! I was just about to say that." Harry grinned at his friend. "Mhm... Well anyways, that's all I wanted to know." 
  6. Christmas break came, and you waved good-bye to Ginny, Ron, and Hermione as the train took them off to join them with their families for the holidays. Then you walked back into the castle, hoping that this would go by rather quickly "” it's not like there's that much to do when most of your friends are gone and there were no classes. You walked up to your common room to see if you could find anything to do. The fire was lit, so you sat in front of it, wondering how on earth you would be able to get through what would seem like a year-long cut-off from some of your friends. Harry walked in. "You bored, too?" he asked, sitting next to you. You sighed. "Yeah... At least you guys are here," you replied. "Who's 'you guys?'" he smiled. "You, of course, and Neville, then Oliver, and Dr-" you stopped. "And you." He laughed. "Well, on my part, I'm glad you're here, too." "You don't miss Ginny?" He shrugged. "She's nice." "That's all you have to say about her?" "Well, I mean... She wouldn't be my first choice..." You laughed. "Oh, she wouldn't be? Who would be?" He shrugged. "Honestly?" "Yes, honestly, who'd be your first choice for a girl?" "Pro- you know... I mean...You," he said, red in the face. You choked on your air. "Wh-Wh "” really?" you tried. 
  7. He simpered. "Completely, but with you and Oliver, and whoever else likes you and your personality and your looks and just how sweet you a-" "You're saying there are others that like me?" "Of course! Have you not noticed these past few months? Well, I mean, you have seemed a little off, like maybe a little nervous... But still." "Oh..." "Why HAVE you been so troubled lately?" "I-I mean... It's just that... Well..." You looked up into his eyes and couldn't help but feel compelled to tell him the truth. "Harry, I... I'm going to tell you something." "Anything." "You'll hate me for it..." "I'd never hate you no matter what you said." "Well I'm kind of a-" Oliver interrupted you as he came through the portrait hole. "Oliver! Hey!" you cried, jumping up. "Um... Bye!" Both Harry and Oliver watched, confused, as you scrabbled out of the common room and ran down the staircases. You walked to the door, which was open, and sat down against it. You sighed. It had almost been released, your secret. You looked outside. It was night, probably ten already. 
  8. You simply watched the nature outside for awhile, when again Harry came out and sat by you. "What were you going to say?" he asked quietly. "Nothing," you replied quickly. "Obviously you were going to say something. And I will never hate you, no matter what you say." "I don't know how easy it'll be for you to stick to those words when I tell you this, though. But I'm going to tell you." You looked back up into his eyes and took a deep breath. "I'm a Death Eater," you said simply to get it over with. He expression said everything "” he felt betrayed. "What? Wh-why? You're the sweetest person I know, and strong, too! There's got to be a reasonable explanation for you becoming one "” I know you didn't do so at will." You nodded, eyes already watering and both recalling the memory and feeling like a liar, a killer. "I didn't. But -" Again you stopped. To tell him about it, you'd have to tell him about Draco. You took in another deep breath "” truth. 
  9. "I had followed Draco and found myself at Malfoy Manor. He was acting weird. I walked in on a Death Eater meeting, so I hid and listened. But after the other witches and wizards disappeared, not including Draco, he used a spell that dragged me over to him, and that's when I got the snake bit-" You thought of Oliver. After summarizing what had happened (leaving out the murder assignment) you sighed. He nodded and hugged you. "It's "” alright." You leaned your head on his shoulder. "But... I feel so..." You closed your eyes. "So helpless." He laid his head on your's and laughed. "Trust me, I know the feeling. But I'll get you out of this." 
  10. When Christmas came around, you walked into the common room to be greeted by Oliver. "There she is! Everyone's already down in the Great Hall," he said, smiling. You laughed and took his hand, leading him down. When you entered the Great Hall, several people looked up, and they either said "Aw" and smiled or frowned in dismay at you being "taken." You found Harry. "Hey!" he greeted you. "We're having the traditional Christmas feast." You sat next to him, and Oliver sat to your left. "Sounds good." Luna skipped up to you out of nowhere. "Hello, ________!" she exclaimed in her sing-song, cheery voice. "Hey, Luna," you replied, turning to look at her. "I got you a gift," she said. "Oh, Luna, but I didn't know what to get you!" you replied, feeling slightly guilty. "It's alright. Here's your gift, though." She handed you a small, palm-sized cardboard box. You opened the lid. "What'd she get you?" Oliver asked. "A cork chain necklace," you answered, smiling. "Thank you, Luna." "Your quite welcome. It'll keep the Nargles away." You smiled. "That's good, I've been having troubles with them lately," you replied, going along with it. "So have I. They keep stealing my shoes." You looked down and saw that Luna, in fact, was wearing no shoes. "I'm sorry about that. Thanks again for the necklace." "No problem," she said, skipping off yet again.
  11. When you turned back to face forward you saw both Harry and Oliver looking at you. "What?" you asked, puzzled. "You believe in Nargles?" Harry asked. You shrugged. "Luna's a sweet girl," you said. Oliver laughed. "You can just get on everyone's good side, can't you?" For some odd reason (probably because of your incident at Hogsmeade) his saying this made you think of Neville. You wondered out loud where he was. "I think he's out in Greenhouse Three "” you know how much he loves plants," Harry answered. You stood. "I think I'm going to go see him since I haven't all day and it's Christmas." They nodded. "Alright." 
  12. You went upstairs and threw on a warm coat, gloves, and a hat. Then you trudged outside, snow heavily pushing against your feet. When you finally reached the greenhouse (with all sorts of plants and vines on the ceiling and on shelves around it) you greeted Neville. "Oh, hey ________," he responded, obviously slightly uncomfortable. You walked up to him as he examined a plant. "I haven't really talked to you in forever." He nodded. "Yeah, it's been-" He looked up, blushing a bright pink, and you followed his gaze. There, growing down from the ceiling, hung a mistletoe. 
  13. He looked down at you. "Uh "” these things are, like... Just messed up, and I've got to work on their growing habits; sor-" You gave him a quick kiss, planted it right on his lips, full on the mouth. When you drew back you saw he was blushing even more. "Happy Christmas, Neville," you said quietly, smiling. You stepped back, walked out the door, and back to the castle, only to run into Draco.
  14. "Hey! Glad I ran into you!" you said happily. "And I'm glad I ran into you," he responded. You smiled. "How's Christmas going for you?" He shrugged. "It's really just the same as always." "Why didn't you go home to your parents?" you asked. He seemingly ignored your question and went on nonchalantly. "You ready for the New Year?" "Oh, um... Yeah." Draco suddenly jumped after seeing the time. "I've gotta go. See you around!" With that he ran off towards the front doors of the castle.   You suddenly were hit with a suspicion "” what if he was going to a Death Eater meeting? "Draco!" you called, a blizzard setting in, and you were shivering. "Draco, where on earth did you-" Suddenly a snow ball hit you on the back. You turned around. "Who-" Another one hit you on the shoulder. Before you got too frustrated, Malfoy walked into view. He laughed. "I love doing that." 
  15. *Hey, guys! Alright, so first of all, later be sure to go shower my girl natuhleegayle with some love! :D NEXT, okay, so in the results I accidentally wrote "Harry Weasley." Forgive me my fails. Speaking of results, I've tried a new kind because the others were getting repetitive. Always like "He cares about you, he cares about you, he cares about you." I suck with that stuff. SO, I'm trying a new result! They are from the boy's point of view (whichever you get). Because of this, you get a little hint, one especially BIG one on one result. So you really ought to try getting all of the results if you want to see those thoughts and stuff! :D HAPPY CHRISTMAS!*

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