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  • I'm so indecisive with Draco and Oliver. This edition made my heart swoon over Oliver, I love dorky guys. They're so adorable! And Oliver gets the crown. Oh! When it came to that part with Oliver inspecting the brooms, I was listening to this song (More Than A Friend - Stevie Hoang) Holy. It felt like a music video. I love it! The fact your story can fit so well with my music. I am in love.

    In fact...that song can go with this whole edition. I love it! Oliver just made me die of laughter! I love that you added the fact how Oliver tried to drown himself in the shower. My favorite part of the novel! The part with everyone asking you for a date and Neville is so sweet & cute. It breaks me heart. I laughed at the second last question when Neville holds your hand and one of the options is "Where are we going next, my friend?" That's so hilarious to me!

    It was superb! I loved it. My favorite one! Although, all your parts are amazing but this went off the cuteness scale! Keep it up! x

  • O-M-G. This was absloutly breathtaking! I'm so torn. Draco, being oh-so protective, makes my heart flutter. On the other hand, Neville is being so cute it makes me smile.

    Then theres Mr. Chosen One, rejecting Ginny. Annnd who can forget about Ron? Oi! Loving the series ;)

  • Grrrr, I was in school, so I didn't see this one come out. I know, I'm still in school, how lame is that? ANYWHO I used to like Oliver, but not really anymore, I'm still liking Draco by the way, and I really don't want to break Neville's heart. *sigh* What-to-do, what-to-do.

  • HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may think you're awesome, but if you won't go out with my best friend, who you LIKE, you are an idiot!!!! And RONALD WEASLEY!!!!!!!!!!! You know you love Hermione!! Because of you, she hates me!!!!! *cries and runs to Draco*

  • I love these quizzes and I'll go check out the next one. I think I am starting to head towards the Draco head of the table but who knows it could change...

  • Aw, Neville is adorable... I feel bad though that "I" am so oblivious

  • still not an hp fan, truly obvious that Neville likes "me" more than a friend even if "i" am clueless about it, and Oliver is the one i like not anyone else

  • I love Draco! And wrote his name in every comment on ur story quiz

  • @angelic4 Yeah, Neville's so obvious. :) And LOL.

  • this was one of your best :D keep up the good work;as i always say ;)


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