Hogwarts Part Seven

After He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named threatening to make you a Death Eater like Draco or die, you're panicked! You manage to escape, but if he returns and tries to make his words truth, what will happen?

Find out if you'll be faithful to the same person you've liked up until this point after a series of drastic hits from the Dark Lord and the Ministry of Magic, not to mention the heart-wrenching blows from betraying friends!

Created by: HogwartsLove

  1. You looked at Draco, panicked, but before you could so much as breath you heard a popping sound and looked to your left to see professor Dumbledore apparate. Harry's face lit up with surprise, relief, and happiness. You immediately took the oppurtunity to get to safety, and before you ran behind a pillar you grabbed Draco's hand and dragged him with you. Harry followed the both of you, and suddenly you felt heat fill the building. You peeked around the pillar and saw Voldemort produce some sort of fire charm, and the fire gathered together in a way that made it look like a snake exactly. It hissed and jumped at Albus, who, in turn, threw out a water spell that put the fire out in no time at all. Angered, Voldemort motioned his hands, and you heard the sound of breaking glass, which shattered all around you, falling from the surrounding walls. He then gathered them together by using a spell and with a swift motion, the shards of glass charged at Dumbledore and Harry, who had run back to his side. Dumbledore surrounded himself and Harry with a large, swirling ball of water, then cast the water at Voldemort. 
  2. When Voldemort finally got out of it, he stood, staring at the four of you. Knowing he couldn't take on all of you at once, he dissappeared. Bellatrix had long gone by the use of the fireplaces. You sighed in relief, thinking it was over.
  3. Suddenly Harry fell to the ground, trying to breath. "H-Harry?" you stuttered as he curled into a ball, teeth clenched. You started to approach him, but Albus stopped you. "Wait; he may be..." Harry's eyes seemed to roll back at times, and he shivered. "He's possessed," finished Dumbledore. He turned to you. "Leave; get back to Hogwarts." "What about the other-" "Leave; it'd be best. I know Harry wouldn't want you seeing him like this." You nodded and hurried away after stealing him another worried glance.
  4. Outside you found the thestrals you'd taken here. You climbed up on one's back and started for Hogwarts. Your journey back felt longer than ever, and your fear for those back at the Department of Mysteries grew with each flap of the thestral's wings. You closed your eyes and took in a deep breath. Before you knew it, you heard the similar beating of wings close behind you. You opened your eyes and turned around, only to see Oliver flying with you on another thestral. He caught up and directed the creature to fly by you. "Oliver!" you shouted over the noise. "Any news on Harry?" "Um... He's... He's... You know... Just "” possessed, kind of..." he replied, obviously unaware of how to explain it. "Hey, how did you heal yourself?" he asked. "I mean... I was fighting off someone, and afterwards I heard Harry mumbling something about how you'd been hurt, and I was just worried..." "Oh, um... Yeah..." you started, uncomfortable. "You didn't notice Dr-" Oliver looked over at you. "Spell. A spell. With my good arm I casted a healing spell." "But he said it was really bad, and Lucius had dissappeared, too, and he tried to get to you, but that's when... Well... Sirius..." 
  5. The rest of the ride you were wondering what Draco was doing, and Ron, and Harry, and Dumbledore, and Neville, and Luna, and Ginny, and Hermione... It had been such a frightening experience, and you'd been forced to leave your friends. You were thankful for Oliver's company. "Are you alright?" he asked, looking worriedly at you. "Oh, um... Yeah..." you replied half-heartedly. He nodded. "Well we should, uh, be going down now..." The two of flew to the ground and got off, walking tiredly into the castle. As soon as you walked in the doors a large crowd of people with cameras and quills bombarded you with questions. "________, is it? Just what compelled you to GO to the Department of Mysteries?" someone shouted over other questions. "Wh-what?" A flash blinded you. "Well we just-" "Did you always believe the Dark Lord was back?" "Do you think Albus makes a good headmaster?" "Of course, he-" "Do you blame the Ministry for not helping you sooner?" "No, they-" "Are you going to sue?" "Why on Earth would I-" "Is the Boy Who Lived a hero?" "He's a great guy, yes, he-" "How'd you get there?" You were starting to get overwhelmed, and Oliver found his way to your side, took your hand, and led you up to the common room. You heard the snapping of wizarding cameras as you walked up the stairs.
  6. Oliver quickly closed the portrait behind him. "You alright?" he asked, heaving. "Yeah... But that was really weird." He nodded. The two of you sat on the couch to wait for the others to return. Finally Harry, Ron, Neville, Hermione, and Ginny climbed in. Harry's eyes looked dull and lifeless. "What happened?" you asked, jumping to your feet and running over to him. "Um... Nothing... How are you?" he asked, looking up at you tiredly. "Fine, but-" "Dumbledore's returning to his position as headmaster," Neville interrupted. "Really? Good... Well, I um... I'll be right back, alright?" They nodded and all started talking together. You climbed out and bounded down the staircases before they even finished moving. You saw Draco at the doorway of the castle, just coming in. You sped over to him. "There she is!" he greeted you. "Mind coming out on a walk with me?" he asked. 
  7. "Of course not," you replied, taking his hand and walking outside. After awhile you both sat down in the traditional "by the lake" spot. "S-so..." he started. You looked over at him, waiting for him to go on. "How's it going with you and "” uh, Wood..." You were surprised by his question. "Uh... Good, good... I mean, I think he still believes he loves me..." you replied. Draco was the last person you thought you'd be talking about this with. "Ah... And uh... You um... You love him, you think?" "I don't know," you answered, "it's a little stressful and hard..." "So you really would be better off without hearing this?" he asked. "Hearing what?" "Well... You know, I mean..." He took in a breath. "You've got a lot of self-confidence, and you're funny, and sweet as heck, and... You're you..." "Uh huh..." "Well it's just that I... Think I might..."
  8. "Of course not," you replied, taking his hand and walking outside. After awhile you both sat down in the traditional "by the lake" spot. "S-so..." he started. You looked over at him, waiting for him to go on. "How's it going with you and "” uh, Wood..." You were surprised by his question. "Uh... Good, good... I mean, I think he still believes he loves me..." you replied. Draco was the last person you thought you'd be talking about this with. "Ah... And uh... You um... You love him, you think?" "I don't know," you answered, "it's a little stressful and hard..." "So you really would be better off without hearing this?" he asked. "Hearing what?" "Well... You know, I mean..." He took in a breath. "You've got a lot of self-confidence, and you're funny, and sweet as heck, and... You're you..." "Uh huh..." "Well it's just that I... Think I might..."
  9. Your heart skipped a beat, expecting to hear those three words again. Draco continued. "I just... I..." He looked up at you, and could see how much pressure you probably felt. "I just... I don't think this is the time." You nodded. "Alright." The two of you stood up simultaneously and walked back inside, finally reaching the staircase. You started to walk up, but suddenly Draco said, "________." You stopped and turned around. "Do "” I mean do you ever think there will be a time? When I could say that?" "I-I don't know, Draco... I guess we'll just have to wait and see..." The two of you stood for just a moment, and you pondered if you might just have the same feelings for him. No, you thought, not right now, I can't right now... You stepped back down to the floor where he was standing. You rolled up his left arm sleeve and closed your eyes and took a deep breath before allowing yourself to see... The Dark Mark written clearly on his arm. You sighed and he looked at you with a sort of sorrow. You slowly turned around and dissappeared up the stairs to your common room.
  10. You stepped quietly in, and found Oliver asleep on the couch with his feet on the table, arms crossed against his chest. You watched him for a moment. He started talking in his sleep. "Keep that Bludger away..." he mumbled. "That was our point... Where'd? What? That was... Our point..." You tried to stifle a laugh. "GOAL!" You literally jumped out of your skin. You tiptoed past him, not wanting to wake him up, but as your foot hit the first stair he awoke. "________?" You walked back over to the couch. "Yeah. Sorry, did I wake you?" "No, I just got hit by a Bludger," he replied. You laughed. "You haven't the best luck with them, have you?" He laughed, too. "Not at all." You went quiet. What if you did like Draco, or Harry, or Ron, or Neville? Where did that leave Oliver, who had quit his career for you? "Somethings wrong," he said, snapping you out of your thoughts. "I... Uh..." Oliver's smile faded and he looked at you with something that made you wince. "S-so... Who's the lucky man, then?" he asked. "Oliver, what are you talking about?" "I can see it... There's someone else you think you might like back." "That's ridiculous." "It's alright." Just those words made you start to cry silently.  He hugged you. "Hey, it's alright. It isn't your fault." "But I still like you, and it isn't fair for me to do that to you after you quit your career..." "It was my choice to quit." "Yes, but I'm the reason you quit." "And," he said, wiping your tears away, "you'll always be the reason."
  11. You took in a deep breath. "Just let me know if you ever need me... I'll still always be there," he said, and obviously it was hard for him to say that. You nodded and he smiled. "Right, then... You going to bed?" "Um... Yeah... Night," you said. "Good night." You walked up the stairs and it was hours before you could actually sleep, the events were great and big, and you couldn't help but replay them over and over in your mind.
  12. Someone was shaking you. "________, get up," Ginny was saying. You opened your eyes. "Oh, hey," you said, getting up immediately and getting ready, brushing your teeth. After getting your robes on you walked out and Ginny continued. "We don't have classes today," she said. "What? Why not?" "Just so Dumbledore can get situated back in, I suppose." You looked at her. "He's a wizard. He can just cast a spell and everything goes back into place," you insisted. She shrugged. "Maybe he just wants to give us some time. You know, after last night." "Wait, so we're the only ones without class?" you asked, baffled. "Harry, Ronald, Oliver, Neville, Hermione, you, me, and... Um..." She looked around, uncomfortable. "Draco..." Your eyes widened. "D-Draco?" She nodded. "S-so you know, then?" She quickly looked up at you. "Only that he was there last night." You sighed with relief. "Good..." She sat on one of the beds and watched you as you brushed your hair. "So... You uh... You like a Slytherin boy, then?" she laughed. You jumped. "N-no..." You turned and looked at her. "I don't know," you sighed in surrender. "I mean..." "Well it's most obvious Oliver still fancies you," she commented. "I guess so..." You two sat for awhile before Ginny finally said, "Well, I'll see you around. I'm going to go ask Harry if... Um... He wants to go to Hogsmeade with me..." 
  13. You smiled and elbowed her playfully. "Ginny! You fancy him!" She laughed. "Shh! Yeah... Kinda... I mean... Yes, I do!" You laughed with her. "Well I'll see you later," you said, standing up and walking down the stairs, to the common room, and out of the portrait hole. Neville saw you and walked up. "Oh, hey Neville!" you greeted him. "Hey," he said. "So... Who are you going with?" he asked. You tilted your head in confusion. "What do you-" "No one's told you?" he asked. "Oddly enough," he said, acting as though it were strange, "today we're ALL taking a trip to Hogsmeade." "Neville," you said, "that's not odd." "Well, TRUE, but I mean... Like, everyone's GOING with someone. "Ah! I see." "So... Who are you going with?" "Well, no one's asked me," you replied. Neville laughed. "No, seriously, who are you going with?" "Neville, I'm serious "” I just woke up, no one's asked me." "Oh... Sorry bout that..." "It's fine," you laughed. "Anyways, by ALL do you mean everyone in the school?" He shook his head. "Just those from last night. So it'll be a treat, really." "Oh... Well, I'll just see how it plays out." "Alright, see you around!" 
  14. You rushed back into the common room when Neville walked off, hoping to get more information. You saw Harry standing there. "Oh, hey, ________!" he said. "I wanted to talk to you." "About what?" you asked. "Well we're all going on that Hogsmeade trip and I wanted to know if you would like to go with me." You hesitated. "I um... Harry, Ginny was going to ask you..." "Oh, she did," he replied as if it were nothing. "And..." "I told her no." "You WHAT?!" you shouted. Harry looked taken aback. "I-I told her no..." "Um..." You felt sick to your stomach thinking about how Ginny must feel. "I... I..." He looked at you, and you sprinted out.
  15. Breathing heavily and still feeling sick to your stomach, you ran without slowing down, all the way to the Quittich field. Some sort of instinct brought you there, and you stopped in your tracks when you saw Oliver, examining all of the brooms. It immediately brought a smile to your face as he either shook his head in disgust at one or nodded with approval. You walked up beside him. "Oh, hey _______!" he said. "Hey!" "Can you believe what our Quittich team has come to?" You laughed. "Brooms not to your satisfactory, Mister Wood?" He smiled and laughed with you. "To be honest, some of them are actually rather disappointing. You know," he continued, "one time I tried to drown myself in the showers after a bad defeat in a Quittich match." "Oliver!" you laughed. "It was horrible! Fred and George dragged me out, though." "Good!" You looked to your right just as Ginny walked past. "I'll see you around..." you said. "Alright, see ya!" 
  16. You ran after Ginny, who was now at the edge of the Forbidden Forest, bawling her eyes out. "Ginny..." you said quietly and then sat by her. "Wh-what? Come to stomp on my heart some more?! Was taking Harry not enough for you?!" she cried. "Ginny, I didn't mean for him to do that. I promise," you replied. She took in a shaky breath. "You were talking to me this morning, and you KNEW you'd take him, didnt you?" she shouted. "No, I-" "Just leave..." she said quietly now. "But Ginny, he likes y-" "LEAVE!" You winced. "A-alright... I'll go..." You got up and walked off, heading for the castle doors. Suddenly Hermione ran up to you. "So..." she said, crossing her arms. "So what?" you asked, nervous and wanting to go find Harry. "Ron wants to go with you. He wants to date YOU." "Wh-WHAT?" Hermione wiped away a tear that had escaped and took in a deep breath. "Hermione, I never-" She walked away.
  17. You narrowed your eyes in anger at Ron and Harry "” two of your new friends were already mad at you because of them. You stomped into the common room, and to your luck Ron and Harry were there. "________! So do you want to go with me to Hogsmeade?" Harry asked. Ron snapped over at him. "WHAT?! I was going to ask her-" "WELL I'M GOING WITH NEITHER OF YOU!" "W-what?" "YOU MADE GINNY AND HERMIONE CRY!" you shouted. They looked guilty. "W-well who are you going with then?" Ron asked. "I "” I'm going with-" Suddenly Neville walked down the stairs. You grabbed his hand. "Neville! I'm going with Neville!" Ron and Harry's mouth dropped. "WHAT?" "That's right." Neville looked around. "Aren't you taking me to Hogsmeade?" you asked. He nodded. "Uh... Yeah." 
  18. "And uh... Speaking of which... That's what I was coming down to tell you "” it's time to go." You nodded and led him out of the portrait hole. You sighed. "Thanks, Neville," you said. "My pleasure," he replied. "But do you really want to go with me?" You were looking around making sure Ginny and Hermione weren't anywhere, so you didn't notice his enthusiasm. "Oh, it's just that I needed to shut up Harry and Ron. "O-oh..." Neville said, his voice dropping. "You're alright with that, aren't you?" you asked, finally looking over at him. "Uh "” yeah, of course." You hugged him. "Thank you so much!" you cried. "N-no problem..." 
  19. "Let's go, my friend," you said, taking him again by the hand. "Uh, right... Friends..." "What?" you asked, not sure you'd heard him since he'd mumbled. "Ur "” let's go..." "Alright." The two of you ran to the entrance of the castle. No one had waited to leave, and so you simply started walked for Hogsmeade. "So how have your classes been going? I haven't really talked to you as much these past few weeks," you said, nearing the Three Broomsticks. "Uh "” you know... Good in Herbology, scared in Potions, and barely making it in everything else," he replied, opening the door for you to enter the pub. You laughed. "Snape scares a lot of people." "Yes, but no one else I saw had him for THEIR boggart." "Well," you answered, "not many people picture him in their grandmother's clothing." The two of you sat down at a table, across from each other. From where you were sitting you could see Draco sitting by himself at another table. "And professor Sprout said "”" Neville stopped mid sentence and followed your gaze. Upon seeing Draco he said, "You can go sit by him, if you like." You jumped. "I'm sorry, Neville," you laughed. "I'm not being fair. Now what were you saying about professor Sprout?" 
  20. "Nothing, nothing. Go sit by him." "No, I-" "You want to sit by him. So sit by him." "Neville, drop it, seriously, I want to sit by you," you said, not noticing you were looking at Draco still. "I really don't think you do..." "Of course I do, Neville," you said. "Then look at me," he answered quietly. You blushed and looked over at him. "I'm sorry, Neville, it's just... Let's go." "But we haven't ordered anything," he told you. "We can grab something later. Now come on," you laughed, standing. Neville stood just as Harry walked in. He looked you way and suddenly Neville grabbed your hand. You looked down. "Uh... Sorry," he apologized, letting go. "Um... It-it's fine," you replied, walking past Harry and out the door, Neville close behind.  
  21. *Hey, guys! I'd like to thank all of you for your unbelievable amount of support that follows me each day and compels me to finish not only these quizzes, but other things as well! Funny through what we can get true help from others, right? Even Harry Potter romance quizzes, LOL! I hope you're enjoying the series so far! Oh, and I also hope you don't mind so many changes in the series, LOL.*

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