Hogwarts Part Twelve

Upon arriving back at the tent (after a rather awkward moment) you find nothing in the atmosphere changed — it's still awkward. Whether you want to thank or punch Benji, we can all agree on it. But when you hear something outside your shelter, it isn't just rain.

You'll find out just how much some people are willing to risk for your safety and happiness, even if it means hurting themselves. Voldemort must have found out you've tried to get rid of the Dark Mark, and he isn't about to let you go unpunished — which hurts some people more than even you.

Created by: HogwartsLove

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  1. "Um... Are you all ready, then?" you asked uncomfortably. Draco looked out of it, in fact he didn't even appear to have heard you, but the others gave stiff nods and walked forward. You almost had to shove Malfoy up to Oliver so that you could Apparate back to the tent. Finally there, you found that it didn't do much justice — it was just as awkward as it had been before. Everyone was quiet, and Ron looked dead, like he'd been in a fight with himself, which he probably had been to keep from getting angry, and Draco still looked as if he'd gone limp. "Uh — alright, then..." you tried, wanting to break the killing silence. Ginny saw this and joined in. "So — uh... Did you all — did you all enjoy yourselves?" she asked warily. Ron didn't look up. "No, but I can tell ________ enjoyed herself," he said without feeling. Ginny glanced at you, but you acted as if you didn't hear him. 
  2. Neville, to your relief, actually talked to you. Later that day, when everyone else was out, he sat across from you at the table in the kitchen, where you were watching Hermione read a book on a chair by the couch, and Ginny, who was cross-legged on the floor, play with the Persian cat, Crookshanks, whom Hermione had brought along. "You all right?" he asked quietly, barely able to look at you. You gave a tired smile. "About as fine as I'll ever be," you sighed. "You know," he continued, taking a deep breath as if readying himself to jump out of an airplane without a parachute, "you shouldn't mind Ron. He's only cross with Oliver, not you." You looked up. "Why is he mad at him?" Neville shrugged. "Ron's a little... Uh... Strange, at times." "A little?" you replied, and he laughed. "Well, you know... He's him." "That's exactly what a told him awhile ago. 'You're you, and only you. No one else.' To be honest, he didn't look exactly thrilled about it." Neville smiled. "He wanted to be Oliver, I assume?"
  3.  You straightened up. "Y-yeah, how'd you-" "It's obvious, isn't it?" "You sound like Hermione," you laughed. "What?" Hermione asked from the living room, sitting bolt upright too. "Oh — nothing," you assured her. She returned to her book. "Well anyways," you went on, quieter, "he'll never be Oliver, and -" "Nor will I, or Malfoy, or Harry, or -" Neville went on playfully. You laughed. "I just don't understand him. And you remember when he looked ready to kill me, it was actually rather frightening..." you recalled. "You don't honestly think anyone here could do that, do you?" he asked sincerely. You sighed again. "Well-" "One of us would end up murdering whoever threatened to so much as lay a hand on you," he continued, and leaned in. "To be honest," he whispered, "I'm surprised Oliver hasn't used any of the three Unforgivable Curses on Ron after what happened. We better pray everyone is here tomorrow." You raised your eyebrows and again he laughed. "Honest. It'll either be someone kills Oliver, 'specially Ron, someone kills Ron, maybe Oliver, after what happened, or," he went on, counting them off on his fingers, and suddenly looking around appearing frightened, "or maybe ME... I wouldn't be surprised, would you? Malfoy looked rather angry, so he might just murder me for the fun of it..." You smiled and shook your head, but you couldn't help but smile wider when he finally shrugged and said, "I'll risk it."
  4. You didn't realize how quickly the time had slipped by, and before you knew it Hermione and Ginny had insisted you go off to bed. And now you were here, in the dark, staring straight up at tent's ceiling. Suddenly — "Crucio!" "STOP!" "How dare you betray the Dark Lord? Where-" "STOP; LEAVE!" someone was shouting, a familiar voice, outside the tent. You threw the covers off of you. "________?" Ginny and Hermione asked tiredly as you instinctively shot for the entrance and out onto the beach, running now into the depths of the forest. "________!" they were now calling into the rain that was pouring. You could barely make out two silhouettes in the darkness, sturggling, a gasp for breath, the other dissappeared, then — "________! Harry! Oliver, Neville, Ron! Draco! Everyone UP!" you heard Hermione shouting far behind you in the tent, but still you continued for the two silhouettes, now one, then suddenly breathing came from behind you. You made to turn around but someone had your arms behind you by your wrists. "WHERE'S DRACO?" Hermione was continuing far off as you struggled to get away from whoever was holding you back. "Stay. Quiet," the man growled, and you couldn't even let out a cry for help, decided it was best anyways. "Who is-" "QUIET!" the voice snarled again, and you thudded to the wet ground as he jerked you downwards.
  5. "Hermione! Ginny!" you cried at the soaking ground, as someone stepped down on you. "QUIET!" he repeated, shoving you further into the grass and sand mixture below you with his foot. "Flipendo!" you heard Neville say, and the man was shoved off of you by the spell. Without hesitating you jumped to your feet and ran over to Harry, Ron, Oliver, Hermione, Ginny, and Neville, who were as thoroughly wet from the rain as you were; they even bore the same scratches where they'd been hit by branches and thorns in the densely wooded area — on their face and arms, anywhere bare skin was showing, some even puncturing through their clothing and ripping at their flesh in their blind attempt to get to you, knowing any moment the man could be well trained in Dissapparating from the very spot with you. "Where's Draco?" you asked Hermione, who wasn't looking at you, but casting another spell to keep the man off. "I-I don't know... We couldn't really sit around for him, but-" "________!" You ducked just in time as an incantation came your way. Still yet the man, whom you could recognize despite the mud-bath he'd received, was grinning, yellowing, crooked teeth showing. "Greyback," you whispered, and both Hermione and Ginny looked at you, still shouting spells after every other word or so. "How do — Incendio! He dodged it... But how do you know who he — Avis! I don't really know what I was hoping to come out of a bunch of birds shooting from my wand... ANYWAYS, how do you know him?" Hermione tried. "He's a Death Eater; he was there when we were attacked last," you answered after Greyback had grabbed one of the birds out of the air that Hermione had casted and, to both your's and Hermione's horror, crushed it. "Is he a — Stupefy! — werewolf or something?" "Precisely." Before any of the seven of you could do anything, he grabbed your arm, obviously now irriatated with the spells. "CRUCIO." 
  6. You opened your eyes, but it didn't do much to your advantage — blood was covering your face, your body aching every inch, and your head throbbing. Alright, you thought, ignoring the pain it caused still. Piece it together... There was something familiar with where you were... Your vision was blurred, but you could hear quite clearly when someone sat — or more like fell — beside you. "Merlin, no. No." You tried lifting your head, but put it back down immediately when yet another voice joined, a cold, high-pitched, cruel voice. "Love blinds us." You hadn't heard anyone else enter the room, but your body tensed even more at the sound of Voldemort. Was he here? He wouldn't dare step foot — wherever you were... But — "No," the first voice repeated. "Who-" you managed to get out, but suddenly the blood was out of your eyes, and your pain subdued a fair amount, revealing Draco to be sitting next to you, looking paler than usual, and, in your opinion, quite dead. You looked around, and the smells, and the feel of the hard floor beneath you... Malfoy Manor. "Love blinds us," hissed the voice again, but Voldemort was nowhere in sight; Draco closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Draco, is he — is he here?" you asked rather fearfully; it took all of you to continue sitting up and to talk. He shook his head, brows furrowed. "No. No, but... But — are you all right?" "I'm fine, but-" Your throat caught, and for a moment you felt as if a hand had clutched your heart, you stopped breathing and fell back, not daring to blink, until, finally, moments before your lungs felt as if about to burst — you took in a sharp breath, released from whatever cold hand had held you. Draco looked again as if about to die, and for a second you thought maybe the same thing was happening to him, but he was breathing hard and fast, looking around frantically, and you knew it wasn't the same. You managed to turn your head and look out the window; no light at all was emitting from it except for the moon's dim rays clearly shining directly into the room. Again, your body too cleared of energy and, in fact, actually aching, you fell hard onto the floor. "God, no..." Draco was muttering. But you could hardly move; for a second time pain was returning to its full extent. "Blinds us..." "Shut it!" Draco shouted at Voldemort's voice. "Shut it! You're. Not. Helping," he breathed, eyes closed tightly. "Who said," the voice went on, "I was supposed to... Help!" At his words you felt another surge of pain strike through you, like you were about to explode with the burning deep in your bones. "STOP!" Still yet — like several invisible swords cutting into you at random — blood covered your skin and clothes. "Stop..." Draco sighed tiredly, in an almost defeated tone, and he hugged you against him. "God, no... No." "It blinds us," the voice said, obviously delighted with being able to cause all the more trouble. "Just close your eyes," Draco whispered in your ear. "Love blinds us..." "You'll be alright," Malfoy continued. "Kills us..." "We'll be safe and sound..." "It murders us..." "Just close your eyes..." he whispered again, and you shuddered under his breath, but fell asleep as - "Blinds us..."
  7. "What the bloody HELL is wrong with you, Malfoy? I thought-" "Shut it! She's just woken up!" you heard Ginny say as you opened your eyes — you were still in Malfoy Manor, but now on a grey couch (in what you assumed was the living room) a few yards in front of a fire, by which Hermione, Ginny, Harry, Neville, and Draco, who was pacing, were; you were covered in blankets, and your arm wrapped in bandages. "Are you all right?" Oliver asked from the side, where he was kneeling down. "Yeah, who-" "Oliver covered your worst cut," Hermione said from where she was standing. You looked at him, and he managed a smile as he moved the hair out of your face. "When you've got such horrid luck with Bludgers, you've got to know how to cover up at least a minor wound." You laughed.  "It's nice we've got that out of the way, but we still haven't dealt with THIS. GIT," Ron snarled. You looked over to see Ron glaring at Malfoy; you looked over at Draco. He didn't seem there at all. "Ron, come off it, he tried to-" you started. "Whatever he tried to do," Ron retorted, still glowering at Malfoy, "he didn't succeed. Unless, of course, he was attempting to kill you." "It wasn't his fault," you said shortly. "Why do you keep trying to cover for him? He's-" "Better tempered than you at the moment!" Ginny interrupted. "Ron, shut UP." 
  8. Soon everyone was departing to go back down to the living room (you'd spent most of your day up in the drawing room), where sleeping bags had been Summoned. You couldn't help but stay behind, though, as everyone started leaving. Harry noticed and walked back to where you were sitting, looking out of the window, where, again, the moon was shining light in. "Are you all right?" he asked. "I'm fine — you?" He nodded. "Good. But I just want you to know — we're all in this together. Cliché sounding, yes, but..." He looked down at you. "But right now it's all we've got..." You smiled and nodded. "Yeah it — it really is... Well we, um... Might want to be off to bed, then, if-" Both you and Harry turned to look at the door as it opened. "Oh, I'm — sorry to interrupt, I-" Draco started. Harry put his hand up to stop him and, surprisingly maintining a smile as he gave you a last look, walked out. 
  9. Draco looked down at where you were sitting. "I honestly didn't mean to -" "It's fine," you said, and he sat down next to you. "I'm sorry that ever happened," he said after moments of dragging silence, sounding like someone who was about to be killed and had a chance to say everything. "What ever happened?" "Everything," he answered heavily. "I didn't mean for it to happen. I-" "It was Greyback who-" "No, not — that. Not just that." "If you're talking about making me a Death Eater it was my-" "No, it's my fault for-" "You told me not to follow you but-" you were continuing. "No, in the beginning it was my fault for-" he tried to go on. "If I would have listened-" "No," he said fully, "it was my fault to ever-" "Draco, let's just-" "It was my fault for ever falling in love with you!" he burst. You looked at him, but he was biting his bottom lip, almost trembling now, and eyes watering. "What... You..." Part of you was waiting for him to burst out laughing, to say it was all a joke, but nothing happened. What was worse, you didn't know if you were happy he was serious. "And I don't know," he continued, "what I had planned to get out of telling you. It isn't whatever the hell Pansy and I had — that was nothing at all, nothing compared to this. I look at you," he said and paused for a moment. "I look at you and — I don't know... I just..." He closed his eyes and sighed. "But then... Then I imagine a ring on your finger, and it's not from me, you're with Wood, and I remember you'll never be with me, but I see you happy, and I'm confused to find myself thinking that's all I want for you." He looked up at you, and appeared for a third time as if dead when he saw you struggling to say anything. "I'd do whatever it took to keep a smile on your face." He took a sharp breath. "And I guess," he said breathlessly, "I just wanted to say before life turned even worse for us all, however that's possible... That I love you." Both of you were silent for awhile, before he looked at you again, and finally you paid attention to what you saw in his eyes. "Which is why," he finally said quietly, "since I know you'd feel bad carrying this around, because you're actually a good person," he gave a laugh but didn't look in it, "I'm going to do this... Obliviate..." he whispered.
  10. "Oh, Draco — what's wrong?" you asked a moment later, for he was sitting next to you, teeth clenched and looking as if in a great deal of pain. "Nothing," he answered. "Do you — do you remember anything? About what just happened?" "I'm sorry?" You were confused. "You should go off to bed, you look tired," he said, dismissing your last comment but still appearing as if in horrible pain. "Oh, um... Alright, but why did you -" "It's all right. Wood's waiting for you downstairs." He watched you as you stood up, wondering what he was talking about, and walked off; you stopped at the doorway but he didn't notice and laid down and covered his face with his hands. 
  11. "What's wrong with Draco?" you asked Hermione and Ginny the next day over breakfast. They looked up.  "What do you mean?" Hermione questioned. "Well," you answered, "since late yestderday he's acted strange. Of course I only talked to him for a moment." "No idea. But anyways, do you think you'd be up for Dissapparating today? It can be a little harmful to those who are already hurt," Ginny responded. "Yeah, where are we going?" "We're going to try heading back to the tent; see if it's safe." "And here are the boys now," Hermione smiled, grabbing her bags that were at her feet and rushing over to Oliver. "Let's go," she said; Oliver Dissapparated you back to the tent. "Is nobody else wondering what Greyback feels he accomplished by taking you two to Malfoy Manor for awhile?" Hermione wondered aloud, looking around the tent that was just as you'd all left it. "Let's just be happy we're all here right now," Oliver responded, sitting down at the table. You nodded. "Let's try to just forget the world."  Draco looked uncomfortable at the word "forget..."

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