Hogwarts Part Seventeen and a Half

I have to thank so many of you, and especially personally, because you have no idea how much even just the shortest comments make my day and keep me wanting to write!

I hope that this edition isn't too much of a disappointment; it was strangely odd trying to get back writing but I am so happy that I did, with the support of all of you!

Created by: HogwartsLove

  1. *OH. MY. GOSH. It's so wonderful to finally be back in the groove of writing, especially this! I really need to thank all of you personally, for being there through everything and sticking together and fhakjfhjk I know it sounds cliché but... It's so true! And I hope this edition is okay, seriously I don't even- I just had to get something done to get going, I don't even- anyways, I don't want to rant too much, so thank you so so so so much and I hope you like it (also check out @hp4evr's amazing talent at writing, and thanks @Aria for being a big help in getting me back to writing!)!*
  2. The train came to an unexpected screeching but steadily slow halt. You looked out the window; the sky had turned noticeably dark in what had seemed to be a short period of time. Ginny moaned in protest, reluctantly getting to her feet, reminding you to do the same. Hermione had fallen asleep with her nose stuck quite literally in a book, but she suddenly jumped, mumbling something about the functions of apples. "Oh," she stated, taking in her surroundings before remembering you were all finally back at Hogwarts. "Good." She gave an exhausted but content smile as she stood. Ginny waved her hand lazily, unable to suppress a yawn. "I'm going to go find Dean," she told you. "I'm going to go find Ron," Hermione added quickly, nodding. "Okay, if- oh." They'd both wandered off, neither waiting for a reply or mutter of comprehension.
  3. You absentmindedly tugged at your jacket, sliding out of the cart just as Harry greeted you. His hand unconsciously reached for yours, and he scanned the crowd, a light smile on his face. "Come on." You both got off the train, hitting the familiar soil of the school grounds, which was still covered in snow, when you were caught off guard as someone wrapped you in a hug, nearly knocking your balance. "Oliver?" you laughed as he set you back on the ground, and immediately pushed your bag out of your hand so that it fell to the snow-covered ground carelessly before hugging you tightly, burying his face in your neck and sighing warmly against your skin. There was something so urgent and relieved and longing about it that, even though your head was dizzy, you could feel your heart pounding heavily in your ears before pulling away.
  4. The three of you made your way into the school, and you were grateful for the immediate warmth that greeted you; Oliver decidedly had to talk to someone, so you said you'd go ahead, and Harry agreed. You started climbing the staircase, Harry at your heels, just as Ron bounded down, stopping in front of you both. "Where's Lavender?" he questioned curtly, his gaze fixated on Harry. Before he could answer, Ron continued. "Nevermind. Will you tell her I don't need the necklace she gave me for Christmas? Thanks."
  5. Ron sprinted down the rest of the staircase. You turned to see him go and Harry looked taken aback at how close you were in front of him, going inexplicably red and looking down at you as he was still barely taller even a step below you. You couldn't help but laugh at Ron, and Harry joined after a moment, a smile tugging at his lips. "I don't know how I'm going to tell Lavender the news," he said, his gaze never leaving. "You're brave, you'll find a way," you told him, still laughing and turning around. Harry made a noise that said he disagreed.
  6. "Apparation lessons?" Neville said the next day, sitting across from you at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall as you sat beside him. You made a mental note to sign up for those, remembering Draco having mentioned them. You scanned the Great Hall for Malfoy, but couldn't seem to find him anywhere since returning. "Did Harry tell Lavender anything?" Ron asked quickly as he strode behind the seats. Hermione snorted, staring at her food. "You can do it yourself," she said, not looking at him. Ron sighed dramatically and went off. "I'm going to go down to the Quidditch pitch," you said, hoisting yourself up and walking out, not bothering to grab a jacket from the common room.
  7. You walked outside, trekking through the knee-deep snow to the Quidditch pitch, shivering already and scanning the bleachers, which were abandoned and empty. When you were sure no one was around, you sighed and pulled out your wand, closing your eyes unsurely as you attempted to remember something particularly happy, settling on a vague memory before muttering warily, "Expecto Patronum." You glanced up: nothing had happened. "Something brilliant, remember?" a voice behind you said, and you jumped.
  8. "Harry!" you cried, pushing him but smiling. He laughed. "Think of something brilliant," he repeated, and you nodded, closing your eyes again, trying to think of something different but equally perfect. Despite not being able to remember all of it, you thought particularly of starting at Hogwarts. "Expecto Patronum!" you shouted again, flicking your wrist and waiting a moment before checking to see if it had worked. You sighed and turned around to Harry. "What do you think of?" you inquired desperately. He looked taken aback by the question, clearing his throat. "Uh, you know," he shrugged nervously, taking a tentative step towards you. "Starting Hogwarts, that sort of thing."
  9. He held your wrist from behind. "All right, think of anything- memory, place, person," he said, his voice strangely soft in your ear. You tried again to focus on one specific time, but had just closed your eyes again when Cormac appeared out of seemingly nowhere, his face flustered. "Potter, Katie's in the hospital wing. I get the position," he stated surely. Harry brushed past you, tossing you an amused glance that made you laugh. "We don't need a replacement," he replied, and Cormac flared. "I'm playing in the next game," Cormac declared, and turned sharply on his heel, stomping off.
  10. Harry sighed but laughed, studying you. "I'm going to go deal with him," he stated, quickly stepping back behind you again and wrapping his hand around yours lightly. "Just barely move your wrist," he told you, but didn't move your hand to match with his words, sounding tense. You nodded against him, and he pulled away. "All right," he said, and turned as if to walk off, but suddenly stopped and faced you again, an amused smile on his face as he pulled off his sweatshirt and handed it to you. "I saw you shivering."

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