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  • Ok, I literally just finished reading your series, and omg I'm dying here! Partly from laughing, and partly from anticipation! The guys that have commented below me have pretty much summed it up, and by GOD do I love this! You have me totally and utterly torn HL, Oliver *swoons* and Harry *fangirls* so cute! Just like...ugh! I'm speechless! I loved it, and will scream when you update again. Not laughing at these options is particularly difficult...I'll have to master it!

  • aksdjfh AMG HL *super flying glomp* I LOVE YOUUUU!


    H aha ^.^' I'm sorry... it's just been so very long; I was so excited to see this on the board. I'm actually in school right now, haha, but I HAD to read this ASAP... Gotta keep adding to my count of 1st comments *nods* xD Agh... I'm really really hyper XD plus your answer choices? They were superb! There's no one else who can write them like you. Do you know it's difficult to look like you're typing a serious assignment while listening to your rambling teacher lecture while reading those? Dang. That's some strong material XP plus... I think it makes me hyper; otherwise it's a lack of sleep, but I always have a lack of sleep, so I don't think so. Okay, I'm off-topic XD New paragraph!

    asdfr I can't tell you how much I loved that re-introduction of Oliver XD The description and the feeling were just perfect! I felt all warmed from the inside and fuzzy and loved. So cute x) Then Harry too was being cute and breathtaking and awerh TORN TORN TORN XD the guys are so amazing :') Your writing is so amazing :') YOU are so amazing < 3 EEEK Oliver special; I can't wait! I hope to see your writing soon

  • Did I forget to say how awesome you are? Did I not tell that you're extremely talented and super sweet as well? Did I not praise you for your kindness in liking my writing and encouraging me to post other parts as well although we all know it's a silly attempt of mine? Forgive me, perhaps I was too much euphoric at the moment that I didn't acknowledge anything else. However, I can say it now. :)

    Your setting, word choice and characterisation define perfection and the options are just so hilarious! I'm never bored even while rereading the story and I've not even counted how many times I read your series xD Perhaps 100 times or more? We can only guess but I'm sure the count will go above hundred.

    Your series is the only series which I love as much as Harry Potter itself and I rank it number one and worthy of an award. I'm excited to see how everything will play out to be, especially when Harry gets to know that the main character already knew of Dumbledore's murder plan. I can't wait for the next release (and the Oliver Special)! :)

  • I totally fangirled when I saw this, and I have never done that in my life. I just love your writing style and crazy options and just everything about you and your series! So glad to have you back! :)

  • Okay, honestly. Oliver was there, for barely a second girl! I need more Oliver time! I love your writing and I CANNOT wait for the Oliver special because I lurve him xD

  • Thank you! For finally posting and of course praising my writing! :') This was brilliant and I'm glad you are finally able to write again. Thanks again! :)

  • I really want to read your series, But I can't find the first and second quiz. Where is it? Please respond


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