Hogwarts Part Nine

With a punch-worthy Harry getting on your nerves, you're surprised when you get news that's so big it makes his behaviour seem like nothing. What, though, will this news bring you to "” tears?

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Created by: HogwartsLove
  1. "Too far..." Oliver said quietly to Harry. Harry started at Oliver as if about to hurt him, but at this Oliver took your hand and together you walked off. He looked over his shoulder to make sure Harry and Draco weren't following then led you to the lake. You collapsed onto the snow covered ground and covered your eyes and began crying violently; Oliver held you close against him and you buried your face in his jacket. You took in a sharp breath. Your tears stopped, and you looked up at Oliver, who's eyes showed that every morsel of him was there. You didn't say anything, just put your head on his shoulder and sighed, closing your eyes. He pulled you closer as snow continued falling. You heard someone come up behind you, but you didn't turn around. They left. 
  2. You stood minutes later and smiled at Oliver. You hugged him and told him you'd meet him inside. He walked off and you returned to the Quittich pitch, and, to your surprise, found that Harry and Draco were still there "” fighting. You hid and listened to their conversation. "I went, and she was snogging with Wood!" Harry cried. "She wouldn't have gone to him if you hadn't been such a bast-" Harry shot Malfoy a look, and he stopped. "You act like you're innocent!" "Potter, I ought to-" You walked out and into their view. "See she's been crying!" "Well that isn't my fa-" "Guys, STOP BICKERING," you said. "Malfoy shouldn't have gotten you-" "Potter, if you keep dragging me into this you're going to find yourself with one less foot in the morning!" "You're the one even-" "Stop bickering!" you shouted again, and they looked over at you. "Fine, if "” duck!" "What are you-" You felt an intense pain hit your head, and you fell to the ground.
  3. You woke up in the hospital wing, and jumped because of all the people surrounding you. "What happened?" you asked, trying to calm down. Oliver, who was one of the people at your beside, including Harry, Ginny, Neville, Hermione, Ron, and Draco, laughed. "You're like me "” not much luck with Bludgers." "Oh my gosh," you said. "What? Are you hurting again?" Ginny asked. "No, what idiot kept those buggers out?" you asked, and Oliver, who was grinning, looked at Harry, who was going red in the face. You laughed and laid back. "Oh. Figures." "Thanks," Harry replied rather grimly, probably thinking about the fact that you were still friends with Draco. "You feeling any better?" "Yeah, but... How long have I been out?" Hermione swallowed. "Um... Two days," she answered hesitantly. "Oh... Wow," you said, surprised. "Not too bad," Neville added. "At least it means two days less of professor Snape." "True," you smiled.
  4. "Well, we should all be getting to class, then," you said, starting to sit up. "You sure you don't want to rest some more?" Draco asked from the end of the bed. Everyone turned to look at him, surprised he'd both spoken and that it was actually something rather caring. He cleared his throat. "Um... Well, I mean..." You laughed. "Yeah, I'm sure. Thanks. Madam Pomfrey," you said, and the nurse turned around from where she was standing across the room helping someone else. "Yes?" "Am I good to leave?" you asked. "In awhile," she replied.
  5. You were let out on a Friday, in the afternoon, which disappointed you for now without classes, it didn't make much of a difference as of to whether or not you were let out of the hospital wing. You climbed the stairs up to the common room, where Ginny and Hermione happily greeted you. "There you are!" Ginny said, hugging you. "I feel like we haven't seen you forever!" "You saw me yesterday," you laughed. "Yeah, but you weren't really "” you," she answered. "So do I have a lot of homework to make up?" you asked. "Well since you worked on some of it while you were in the hospital wing, you've only got a little more make-up work. Not too bad," Hermione replied, handing you a few pieces of parchment. "Good. What lessons are they over?" "We'll help you with them later. And so can Oliver." She smiled, and you walked over to sit on the couch. "Sweet Merlin you guys seem more into him than anyone else!" you cried. They both ignored your comment. 
  6. "Anyways, trip to Hogsmeade tomorrow," Ginny said, sitting to your left. "Well at least that will get rid of my boredom for awhile," you replied playfully. "If you're bored you ought to go to the Owlery," Hermione suggested. "Quite a few people have taken to sending you letters telling you to get better over the past few days." You laughed and stood up. "Alright." "Well, Hermione and I are going to the library. You can meet us there later if you like," Ginny said as you climbed out of the portrait hole. "Okay, see you!" Minutes later you walked into the Owlery, and, just as Hermione and Ginny had said, there were several owls trying to deliver letters to you. "Calm down," you laughed as you untied the pieces of parchment from each of them. Suddenly a rather small owl flew through the window carrying an envelope. The bird hit against the back wall. You rushed over to it and made sure it was alright before looking more closely at the envelope. Your eyes widened as you read who it was from and who it was to. To the owl's pleasure you took the envelope and sprinted upstairs back to your common room.
  7. You fell onto the couch, crying but trying to smile. Again you looked at the envelope "” from Puddlemere United Quittich Team, to mister O. Wood. You took in a shaky breath. Alright, you thought, this is "” this is good. Oliver could finally get back to his career, and you could "” you could... Well, you'd no longer be holding him back. Right... You heard someone coming down the stairs behind you and quickly wiped your tears away. You stood up and greeted Oliver, forcing one of the most painful smiles you'd ever had to create. You looked concerned and asked what was wrong. "Nothing," you choked, "um... Look, you uh "” look." You handed him the letter and as soon as he saw who it was from he looked back up at you. He saw you were struggling to keep from crying and to smile. He threw the letter in the direction of the fire, but you said, "Accio envelope," and it came back into your hands before it could burn. "________, I-" "Open it," you said, giving it to him. "It doesn't matter if I open it, because I don't-" "Oliver, open it." He sighed and did as you said. "It says they've got a call for me in-" You shut your eyes as tightly as you could to keep from crying. "In "” ________?" You looked up and smiled again. "That's great, Oliver," you managed. "When d-does it say you have to be there?" "________, that can wait. It's only a sport. Right now, the Second Wizarding War is here, and I'm sorry, but unless I want to lose you, it wouldn't be very wise of me to go." "Oliver, I'm tired of being the one holding you back!" "You're doing nothing of the sort! I -" "You and I both know you'd rather be there than here!" "Do you not understand? It's wherever you are!"
  8. You stopped. You couldn't bare it if he left, but at the same time you wanted him to be able to start his career. You let out a sigh with your eyes closed before climbing out of the portrait hole. You began trekking across the Hogwarts grounds as soon as you got out of the castle, trying to clear your mind. You passed the Quittich pitch, where Harry came out and ran after you. "So you're still friends with Malfoy?" he asked in a disgusted tone. You tried to ignore him and continued walking without replying. "You are, aren't you? HAVE you killed someone?" You stopped walking but didn't face him. "You KILLED someone?!" he exclaimed. "Malfoy got you into position of murdering someone, yet you're okay with that?! You betrayed us just like Peter Pettigrew, and-" At the mention of Peter you whirled around and, without a second-thought, hit him right across the face. 
  9. Harry turned to you looking surprised and hurt "” literally.
  10. He stared at you, mouth agape. "Did you just punch me?! Out of all people?!" You were surprised yourself but tried to hold your ground. "W-well someone had to do it!" you cried. You suddenly heard laughing and from the Quittich field came Ron. "Girl's right, Harry. I couldn't do it, so she took it into her own hands to sock you in the face," he said, still laughing, and placing a hand on your shoulder. Harry was red in the face. "Why-" "Dude, you're being a "” well you're being a jerk. And sometimes with a jerk you've got to knock some sense into them "” literally." "How was I being a jerk?! I'm only trying to find out why she would-" "Why I'm still friends with Draco is none of your business!" you interrupted; Ron took his hand off your shoulder and you walked towards Harry. "And you certainly didn't have to confront Draco like that! He didn't mean for any of this to happen!" "You're defending him... Y-you LIKE him?!" "Well... Well he likes me!" you cried. "Well tell him to join the freaking club!" Harry shouted. You flinched, as did Ron. "Harry..." "You don't know how many fights Ron and I have had because of you!" You didn't say anything, just looked back at Ron, who was staring at the ground. "Well," you said finally and quietly, "I came out here to think. Not to start up all of this." "Think about what?" Ron piped up. 
  11. "Oliver got a calling from Puddlemere United," you answered quietly. "Is he finally leaving?" Harry asked.  You didn't look at him but simply walked off, which made him feel worse than anything you could have said or done.
  12. "________!" he called, but you continued to the castle, finally reaching the Gryffindor common room. You walked in to see Oliver, who was pacing in front of the fireplace. You swallowed. "Where are your bags?" you asked, and Oliver looked up at you. "I'm not g-" "You've got to be on the train tomorrow if you want to make it in time," you said grimly. "I'm not going," Oliver tried again. "Please. It will make me feel a lot better, and besides, it'll be a good break for you." "You honestly want me to go?" he asked. You swallowed again. "Y-yes." He looked at you. "No you don't." "It doesn't matter," you choked. "You're going. I'll "” I'll see you to the train tomorrow." Oliver watched as you climbed the stairs up to the girls' dormitory. That night, you barely slept.
  13. You woke up and immediately wished you hadn't. However, you forced yourself out of your four-poster bed, dressed, and got ready. You walked down the stairs to the common room and saw Oliver, who looked very melancholy. "Oliver," you said quietly, and he looked at you. "Are you packed?" you asked breathlessly. He nodded slowly just as Ginny and Hermione came down the stairs "” they'd volunteered to come with you. Ginny put her hand on your shoulder, causing you to notice you'd started crying. You hastily wiped your tears away and took it a breath. "Alright," you forced yourself to say, "lets go." Oliver seemed glued to the spot, but you managed to stand him up and together the four of you started in silence for the train station. 
  14. Your throat felt caught, as if it couldn't say anything, when you reached the train station. Time flew by, but at the same time seemed to be going in slow motion. When the train stopped you couldn't hold back any more, and you started crying again. Oliver looked pained, as if he couldn't bare it either. "I don't have to go, I can stay, I-" You hugged him. "Go," you said, and he nodded quietly. He kissed you on top of the head before boarding. As soon as the train pulled out, you fell straight towards Hermione and Ginny, who exchanged pained glances as they hugged you.

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