Mirimichelle is back in the game

SO Yes Mirimichelle is back! I missed you guys. Read on so you can here my plan about my Harry Potter fan-fictions. I luff you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please comment on this because I want to know it's okay with you guys that i'm re-writing the plot. It won't be exactly the same but I hope it wont be completely different

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  1. Hello there lovelies! I'm back.School has been overwhelming and to be truthfull I almost forgot about Gotoquiz. But yay i'm back! So about my Hogwarts Love Stories. I am going to revise them a bit and make them in a similiar but new quiz. It will porbably just be more detailed with less of my stupid screw ups. So were starting from stage one
  2. Anywho i'm thinking I will be able to at least get part one in tonight! Oh yeah!
  3. So now that I made that wonderful little announcment, do you guys hate me!? I'm so very very sorry for the long wait you know!!
  4. I also need to tell you a secret! Wanna kn ow what it is
  5. the secret is...THAT I MISSED YOU GUYS! LIKE WITH MY WHOLE HEART. I read back on some of the comments you left me and tear up. And when Natuhleegayle commented (she is one of my role models but you all are) I just wanted to die
  6. So who's exited for the new story!?!?!
  7. Well I think those are all the annoucments I have for the day! GOSH I MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH I CAN BARLEY BARE IT!!
  8. ...
  9. yerp
  10. I'm taking your old questions into recomendation so I think this new series will have the same story line but with more detail, proper english, hopefully better spelling and better quality drama :D

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