How much do you know about The Game?

This quiz is to test your skills on one of the best shows ever! It's all in good fun and also finding out how much you have remembered over the years.

The Game is entering into a new season, so sit back, relax, and take a few minutes to recap what happened in seasons 1-3. You'll be glad you did and it'll prep you for Season 4!

Created by: Courtney
  1. What school did Melanie pass up to move to San Diego?
  2. What brand of wine does Kelly and the Sunbeams drink during their meetings?
  3. What was the name of the cartoonist that Malik punched?
  4. When does Malik have Derwin pick up his jewelry from being cleaned?
  5. Why does Tasha make Kenny break up with her?
  6. Why does Jason get punched in the eye during interviewing a football player?
  7. What kind of birthday party does Kelly try to plan for Brittany?
  8. How does Derwin originally meet Drew Sidora?
  9. Which girlfriend does Malik marry but file for divorce for fraud?
  10. What doesn't Trey Wiggs buy for Melanie after she broke up with Derwin?
  11. How does Jason try to hide his steroid needle from Kelly?
  12. Where is Melanie and Jerome's first date?
  13. What does Janay want to name the baby?
  14. What does Renee tell Malik to do to have a relationship with her?
  15. Why does Kelly go back to her last name Platski?
  16. Why does Irv Smiff offer Derwin a Chicago Jersey?
  17. Why does Tasha introduce Camille to Jason?
  18. Why does Melanie move in with Dionne?
  19. What is Malik's dad and sister's name?
  20. When does BET air the 1st episode of season 4?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about The Game?