What game system is for you?

Many people aren't sure which game system they should get. Since game systems are rally expensive, knowing which one you would have the most fun with is important.

Which system is for you? Is the Nintendo Wii for you? Is the Xbox 360 for you? Or how about the Playstation 3? Take the quiz and find out why don't you.

Created by: Demonjoe

  1. Which of these Action Adventure games do you like?
  2. Which of these First-Person Shooters do you like?
  3. Which of these racing games do you like?
  4. Which of these platformers do you like?
  5. Which of these Fighters do you like?
  6. Which of these Party games do you like?
  7. What are the age ratings of most games you play?
  8. Which series do you think is best?
  9. Which of these series do you think is best?
  10. Which of these series do you think is best?
  11. Which of these past systems do you think is best?

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