Another Hogwarts Story 2

Did you ever wonder how life would be if you ever visit Hogwarts? This quiz is surely for you. You can meet beloved characters from Harry Potter and experience the magic yourself! :)

The results for this quiz are: Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, Oliver Wood and Neville Longbottom. This is the second part of my quiz 'Another Hogwarts Story', so please take the first one before you take this. :)

Created by: hp4evr

  1. Hello people! This is the second edition of my quiz. Hope you enjoy this one! :)
  2. The sunbeams made their way through the narrow gap between the curtains and fell directly on my face. I groaned but then soon realised that today marked the first day back at Hogwarts.The thought cheered me up and I instantly jumped from my bed. Hogwarts is a fascinating place, there is always something new about it. Even I, with my two years stay at Hogwarts, could not claim to know all the secrets of the castle and I still had a lot to learn.
  3. I dressed in my school robes and made my way to the Great Hall for breakfast which was as welcoming as ever. To my surprise, most of the school was already up. A large crowd of students in the middle of the Great Hall aroused my curiosity.However as I passed near them, a funny idea occured to me that perhaps I already knew what it was all about. Standing in the centre of the crowd was Draco Malfoy who apparently was narrating a highly amusing story to delight the crowd. Not finding his story to be an interesting one, I decided to ignore him and seated myself in the Gryffindor table. Harry, Hermione and Ron soon arrived in the Great Hall and as they passed, Malfoy did a ridiculous expression of a swooning fit followed by a loud roar of laughter.
  4. They disregarded his intended insult and sat beside me. 'Hi,' I said in an attempt to lighten the mood. 'Hi,' said Harry with a faint smile but I knew his attention was still fixed on Malfoy. 'Just ignore him, Harry,' Hermione muttered under her breath. 'What's up with you, Harry?' asked Fred, who had just arrived and had missed Malfoy's spectacular performance.'Malfoy,' Ron said quietly. 'That little git!' George said calmly after the twins were told the complete, truthful version of the story. 'But you didn't pass, did you?' Harry muttered. 'Forget it, Harry,' George said bracingly. 'Anyways, we will see how happy he looks after first Quidditch match of the season.' I looked questioningly at Fred, ' Gryffindor versus Slytherin, first game of the season remember?' It lightened our moods and I helped myself with some tea, biscuits and toast. Our timetables arrived later that morning and Hermione checked her's. I decided to check my own and found that the first lesson was of Divination.
  5. Not wanting to be late for the first lesson, I picked up my books and school bag from the table and then walked towards the tower where the class was supposed to be held. As I walked in a corridor, I heard snippets of some Slytherin students' conversation who were walking behind me. They  were discussing Harry's fainting incident. 'I wish I was present at the scene when Potter fainted,' said a voice which I recognised as Draco Malfoy's. 'Yeah, and we would have had a first hand account of famous Potter's unmistaken bravery,' said an unfamilar voice. Although I did not recognise the owner of the voice, but there was not much effort required to sense the irony of his tone. Malfoy laughed at the remark and then said, 'Yes, it clearly shows how brave and courageous Potter is.' I tried to ignore their babble but then Malfoy said something which caught my attention. 'Who is the girl walking in front of us?' he asked, obviously unaware that I could hear him. 'Jane Crawford,' the other voice said calmy, 'but why are you asking this?' 'She bumped me in the train,' he replied casually.
  6. I was unable to hear the rest of their talk because they had turned towards some other corridor. I soon reached the landing of the North Tower where most of the class was already assembled.I failed to see any signs of a classroom.'Where is the class?' I whispered to Parvati who merely shrugged in response. I glanced at the ceiling; there was only a circular trap door with a brass plaque on it. 'Sibyll Trelawney, Divination,' Harry muttered behind me.'How are we going to get there?' someone asked.Their question was soon answered as the trap door flew open, revealing a small silver ladder. I climbed it and found myself in the strangest classroom I had ever been to in my life. In fact, it did not look like a classroom at all but rather appeared to be a strange cross between a teashop and an attic.'Welcome,' a soft, misty voice said, 'I am so glad to see you in the physical world at last!' We were all a little taken aback by such a welcome. I will teach you to read the future. However, I must warn you at the outset that very little I would be able to teach you if you do not possess the Sight. Books can take you only so far in this field.'
  7. I saw Hermione looking startled at this declaration and she tightened her grip on her book. A few minutes in this classroom however, had me convinced not to take her seriously. Professor Trelawney tried to impress the class by making a prediction that 'around Easter, one of our number will leave us forever' but I knew that it was her idea of making her first lesson more interesting. Quite contrary to Professor Trelawney's expectations, our first lesson turned out to be least interesting. It was a boring work; we had to drink a cup of tea and then decipher the shapes we saw in our partner's cup. I was paired up with Seamus Finnigan who was now trying to read my cup. I stared at his cup for about fifteen minutes but I was unable to make anything of the dark brown soggy stuff. After a futile effort, I decided that there was no use of staring in the cup any longer and glanced at Seamus to see his progress. He was deeply immersed in the cup and looked pretty much determined to make something up for me.'Well,' Seamus said with a very  serious face, causing me to stifle a laugh, 'You will find a large pile of gold and...' He flipped through the pages of 'Unfogging the Future' and then said, 'Some people will be deeply attracted to you.'
  8. 'Very amusing, Finnigan,' I replied sarcastically. I knew that my prospects of finding a large pile of gold were as much bright as the Ministry's finding Sirius Black. Seamus looked taken aback. 'Don't worry, It is just that I do not trust some tea leaves to ascertain my future,' I tried to assure him. Our attention was soon caught by Professor Trelawney who had Harry's cup in her hand and she declared in her mistiest voice that Harry had the grim, the omen of death.  It didn't look anything like a grim to me and neither to Seamus Finnigan. 'It seems like a grim from here,' said Seamus, with his eyes almost shut, 'but it looks more like donkey from here,' he said leaning towards left. 'It's a grim,' Professor Trelawney said flatly. The class was soon dismissed and I thought it was done to create a deeper influence of the prediction. I descended the ladder quietly and heard other students discussing their tea leaves in hushed voices. We had Transfiguration after the eventful Divination lesson. Professor McGonagall was telling us all about the Animagi (wizards who could transform into animals) but none of the class seemed interested in the topic. 'Really, what has got into you all?' she finally asked irritably. Hermione raised her hand and the began, 'Professor, we've had Divination class and-' 'There is no need to tell me more, just tell me who is dying this year?' The class looked at Harry as if he'd drop dead at the moment. Professor McGonagall didn't seem impressed by the prediction; she laughed away the matter by saying that Harry looked perfectly well to her and that the mindless prediction could not prevent her from giving him homework. She assured him that if he died, he need not hand it. Some of the people laughed at the remark but some, like Ron and Lavender were still unconvinced about Harry's life span. 'Cheer up, Harry,' I said lightly as we later helped ourselves with lunch in the Great Hall. 'Yes, Harry, it is stupid to believe in such things. You heard Professor McGonagall, Divination is the most imprecise branch of magic,' Hermione said in agreement. Harry nodded silently.
  9. After lunch, we had Care of Magical Creatures class which I was very much looking forward to since Hagrid would be teaching. I arrived in front of Hagrid's hut and discovered, to my dismay, that we would be attending the class with Slytherins. I had a strange feeling that it didn't mean anything good but when did Gryffindors and Slytherin ever have friendly experience together? 'Steady on your feet, are you today, Crawford?' a drawling voice said behind me. I turned back and saw Draco Malfoy standing right behind me, between his friends Crabbe and Goyle who were laughing at his remark. 'What is your problem, Malfoy?' I asked coldly.'Problem? I don't have any problem, it must be your's. You were the one bumping me with the hope that I'll catch you, as if I ever would,' he smirked. I wanted to slap his pointed face but I restrained and said in a very calm voice, 'You are mistaken, Malfoy.'
  10. Without any other word, I turned back and saw Hagrid standing in front of his hut in moleskin overcoat and looking impatient to start. When all of the students had arrived, he said, 'Got a real treat for yeh today! Great lesson comin' up! Everyone here? Right, follow me!' I thought Hagrid would lead us into the forest but he didn't. Instead, he strolled off around the outer edge of the forest and five minutes later, we found ourselves in a kind of a paddock. 'Every one gather 'round here! Make sure yeh could see...Now, first thing you'd want to do is open yer books,' Hagrid said in an important voice. 'How?' said the cold drawl of Draco Malfoy. 'Eh...?' Hagrid asked, looking confused. 'How do we open our books?' Malfoy repeated.'Hasn'... Hasn' anyone bin able ter open their books?' Hagrid inquired the class. We all shook our heads in unison I glanced at my own copy of Monster's Book of Monsters which was tightly bound by a thick rope. I remembered my father quarelling with the shop owner on the book, telling him that it wasn't an interesting idea to sell a biting book. 'Yeh've got to stroke them,' Hagrid told the class as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. 'Look,' and he took Hermione's copy and ripped off the Sellotape that bound it. The book tried to bite but Hagrid ran a giant forefinger down its spine, which shivered, then fell open and lay quiet in his hand. 'Oh, how silly we've all been!' Malfoy sneered. 'We should have stroked them. Why didn't we guess!' 'I--I thought they were funny,' Hagrid said uncertainly. 'Oh, tremendously funny,' Malfoy said sarcastically. 'Really witty, giving us books that try to bite our hands off!' I got irritated at that point and turned back to face him. 'Shut up, Malfoy,' I said quietly. He raised his eyebrow at my nerve but didn't say anything. Satisfied, I brought my face back and fixed my attention towards the lesson. Hagrid seemed to have lost his thread. 'Right, you've got yer books and now you need is a Magical Creature. So, I'll go and get it.' Hagrid walked away into the forest, leaving us all alone. 'That oaf teaching classes, My father'll have a fit when I tell him,' Malfoy said loudly. 'Shut up, Malfoy,' Harry said. 'Be careful Potter, the dementors are coming.' Suddenly, some of the girls squealed; Hagrid had returned with a dozen of bizarre looking creatures. They were large, deadly looking and I flinched as they approached near.'Hippogriffs!' Hagrid cried enthusiastically. 'Beautiful, aren't they?' He explained the class that Hippogriffs were proud, haughty creatures which could be easily offended, therefore it was necessary to treat them with respect. 'So, who wants to go first?' He asked the class. None of us felt brave enough to approach the hippogriffs. To everyone's amazement, Harry raised his hand. Some of the people started whispering, obviously expressing the belief that Harry's action confirmed Professor Trelawney's prediction but Harry ignored them. My heart almost stopped when Harry walked near the hippogriff. It was not because I was influenced by Professor Trelawney's silly guess, which I was not, but it was difficult to see him standing so close to the deadly looking creature. He bowed to the hippogriff warily, and then waited for its response while the class held its breath. 'So, do you bet that Potter will be killed by this ugly creature?' Malfoy said, distracting me from the scene in front of me. He smirked and then stood besides me.'Don't get your hopes too high, Malfoy,' I replied coldly. 'There is nothing wrong in hoping for a possibilty that is sure to be certain,' he replied with a smirk.
  11. I scoffed but my attention was soon drawn towards Harry who was now patting the hippogriff. The class broke in an applause except Malfoy who looked furious. 'Want to ride?' Hagrid asked Harry happily. We all  held our breath as Harry climbed on the Hippogriff's back.  The hippogriff stretched its huge, gigantic wings and flew away.'You still don't believe me?' Malfoy asked.'Malfoy, you are terrible!' I said in my distress. He raised his eyebrow and then said, 'Why are you worrying so much about Potter? Is he your boyfriend?' 'It is a scandalous thing to suggest,' I said angrily and felt the sudden rush of blood towards my face.'Are you sure? If you haven't noticed, you are as red as Weasley's hair,' he said, looking amused at my state. 'He is not my boyfriend nor is anybody else,' I replied curtly. He smirked and then said pointedly, 'Of course, it was very stupid of me to suggest. After all, even Potter won't go after you. 'Malfoy, you don't know how to talk to a girl,' I said, feeling frustrated. 'Really?' He asked me as if I had challenged him and then turned towards Pansy Parkinson to demonstrate his skill. He winked at her and Pansy looked as if she'd burst with delight. Malfoy seemed to enjoy this and then he said to her, 'Hey Parkinson, you are looking different today!'  and then faced me with a triumphant smile. 'Was it a compliment?' I asked, feeling unsure about what had passed and glanced over Malfoy's shoulder to see Pansy Parkinson who looked as if she had just won a trophy. 'May be,' he answered with a smirk. 'It was pathetic,' I remarked. I was saved from his further insults because Harry soon landed safely on the ground. Malfoy didn't look happy at all. I have described it in mild words because he in fact, looked far beyond angry. His hatred for Potter was obvious on his pale face and he seemed to have forgotten that he was previously busy insulting me. 'Great job, Harry!' Hagrid cried and we all applaused except Malfoy, whose enthusiasm I have already described. Harry's successful ride had lessened our fear of the hippogriffs but I still felt unsure. I approached my hippogriff cautiously but fortunately enough, it seemed to like me.  I glanced around the paddock to see how others were doing; Neville kept running away from his and Hermione and Ron practised on a chestnut one
  12. Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle practised on Buckbeak, the hippogriff which Harry had successfully ridden. 'I knew it must have been easy, if Potter could do it,' Malfoy said patting the hippogriff's beak and looking disdainful. 'You aren't dangerous at all, are you, you great ugly brute?' It happened in a flash of steely talons; Malfoy let out a high pitched scream and lay on the ground, his robes splattered with blood. Hagrid immediately ran to the scene and struggled with the angry hippogriff to prevent it from further harming Malfoy who now lay curled on the ground. Unknowingly, my hands had moved towards my mouth in shock. 'It's killed me!' Malfoy cried as the class panicked, 'I am dying! Look, it's killed me!' 'You are not dying,' Hagrid said, with his face very white. 'Hagrid, we've got to take him to the hospital wing!' Hermione said in a panicked voice. Hagrid picked Malfoy from the ground to carry him to the hospital wing and as he passed, I saw a long, deep cut on Malfoy's arm. The class was soon dismissed and Slytherins started shouting about Hagrid but the Gryffindor's stood for him. Pansy Parkinson was literally in tears and she immediately ran after Hagrid to inquire after Malfoy. 'It was an unfortunate thing to happen in Hagrid's first class,' I remarked as I joined Ron, Harry and Hermione in the way back to the castle. They nodded in agreement. 'Do you think he will be alright?' Hermione asked nervously. 'Of course he will, Madam Pomfrey can mend cuts in seconds,' Harry assured her. We soon arrived at the Great Hall and saw Slytherins huddled together, apparently inventing their own version of the incident. 'I hope they don't go after poor Hagrid,' I said nervously. 'Trust Malfoy to mess things up for him,' Harry said darkly. 'It was a rather bad first day, wasn't it?' Ron commented and I could not help but agree with him.
  13. Later that day, I decided to peek in the hospital wing to check whether Malfoy was badly hurt or not only for the sake of poor Hagrid. I tapped the door softly and it was soon opened by Madam Pomfrey. 'I want to see Draco Malfoy,' I said, feeling strange and unsure about my action. 'The student who was attacked by the hippogriff today?' she asked. I nodded and she led me inside. I then asked her as casually as I could, 'How is he?' 'I mended his cut the best possible way I could but he is still complaining about it, I don't understand why. I'll probably discharge him this Thursday so that he is satisfied,' she replied. 'Well, there he is,' she said pointing towards the row of beds and then left for her office. I swallowed nervously and walked slowly towards the place where Malfoy was supposed to be lying. I wanted to run away before I even saw him but I restrained. He was lying on the bed with his arm bandaged but otherwise, looked much better. His eyes were closed but I had a strange feeling that he was only pretending. Satisfied that he was not badly hurt that could give him an excuse to sack Hagrid, I did not want to stay in the place any longer and turned to leave. However, as I took a few steps, I suddenly stopped. I thought I saw him smiling from the corner of my eye. However, I brushed it off, thinking of it as my imagination and without any further contemplation, I left the hospital wing.
  14. Hope you enjoyed this quiz! :) Please comment and share your views regarding this story. Now, goodbye! :)

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