Who will you love? part 19

Not done parts 1-18? No idea what's going on? I didn't think you'd know. So go and do those parts now ! Fly fly. To all those that have been following this quiz, hello again and welcome to part 19 (2 quizes in 1 day, I'm well proud!). Enjoy :)

Part 19 - You get 'kidnapped' and shop to get the outfit for your date and bump into a certain someone ;) Apparently something/someone is coming.. So watch out! :D

Created by: Alethea
  1. "So where are we going?" You ask Alethea suspiciously. "It's a surprise!" She says laughing but suddenly her face turns a lot more serious "I also wanted to tell you something.. Well someone is coming, soon. They might not be what you expect.. In the end."
  2. "I can't tell you who it is.. I'm sworn to secrecy by Conner and Blake." She says sighing. "But why are you telling me this?" You ask her. "Just look at me." She whispers quietly, her body just looks like bones, she's obviously unhealthy, she has very dark circles under her eyes and the pink has gone from her cheeks. "I knew I would end this way, I keep loosing more and more. It's killing me. So before that happens I thought I should share what I know with you.."
  3. "Which reminds me, have you realised what my note means yet?" She says changing the conversation topic. Your head is slightly muddled from all this information so it's hard to think right "Umm no, not yet. I don't know who the person in the note is.." You say quietly.
  4. She smiles sadly and says "Ah well, I suppose you'll just have to figure it out on your own." You sit in silence for the remaining car ride. "We're here!" Alethea announces jumping out the car. As you get out something catches your eye it's..
  5. "Ok, we'll get your dress first!" Alethea says. She grabs your arm and brings you into a store that is a little over your price range.. (That's putting it VERY mildly). "See any you likeee?" She asks happily.
  6. She giggles and says "No problem Darlin' I've got you covered." She flashes a lot of 20 and 50 pound notes from her purse and winks. A dress catches your eye..
  7. "Wow! That's nice! Are you going to try it on?" She asks eagerly. "Yeah I will. Aren't you trying anything on?" You ask her. "No, there's no point. All clothes look bad on me." She says in a dull voice. You go into the changing rooms and slip on the dress, it fits perfectly! You come out the changing room, Alethea smiles and says "That dress was made for you! I'll go pay then afterwards we'll go look at shoes."
  8. She pays for your dress and then you go to every available shoe store, trying on wellies to 6 inch heels. You select 4 you like which is your favourite?
  9. "Dress and shoes done, we also need a mask!" Alethea says. "I think we should go for a classic black mask with silver sparkles!!"
  10. After that you both head over to a make-up counter and buy all sorts of stuff in a variety of colours. Alethea then buys a hairstyle magazine and says "I'll come over to your place and do your hair and make-up! If you'd like that." She says smiling cheerfully. You stop at Starbucks for a quick drink and snack. What do you wanna do next?
  11. You take loads of silly pictures and then at the end a nice pretty one. As you step out the booth laughing you see someone looking at the pictures. "No way.." The person says in disbelief, he turns his head to look at you. It's Howl!!
  12. You break the silence by saying. "Erm, h-how's your nose?" He blinks at you twice and says "Oh yeah, it's fine." He then looks at Alethea and asks "You won't punch me will you?" She laughs and says "Why would I punch _____'s BOYFRIEND?"
  13. Howl seems just as paniked as you as he stammers "No no no, we're not together!" Alethea looks amused as she says "Sorry, my mistake." And walks off to give you two some privacy. You can't help feeling that she said that on purpose.
  14. Howl then switchesd back to his normal playful self. "Soooo what's in the bag?" He asks poking your shoulder like he did when you were little. "Nothing!" You insist, but this just encourages him. He tickles your side so you drop your bag, he catches it and pulls out the mask, he smirks and says "Oh, Don't tell me you're going to the Masked Ball?"
  15. "Hey! Don't be like that! I'm not gonna look at your outfit.. I want it to be a surprise when I see you!" He says winking and giving you back the bag. "Huh?" You say blinking at him. "Well I'm going.." He says stating the obvious. "Oh, so I guess you have a date then?" You say,for some reason you feel a pain in your heart when you say this. "Umm, actually I don't.." He says sounding embarrassed.
  16. "Do you have a date?" He asks. "Yeah I do." You answer. He then pulls an ugly expression and says "It's not that jackass that tried to break my nose is it?"
  17. You can't help giggling. "No it's not him." You answer. Alethea waves at you at points to the car. "I'd better go.." You say. "Wait a second!!" Howl says looking in his pockets "Aha! This is for you!" He takes out a present wrapped in sparkly purple paper tied with a silver bow. "Giftwrapped?" You ask smirking. "Nope. All me." He says proudly "Oh and another thing." He leans in and gives you and kiss on the cheek, he then whispers in your ear "See you soon.."
  18. Alethea then tugs you over to the car "Sorry to break up the reunion but the guys will be getting worried." You can't exactly remember when you left the house but you've been out all day. When you arrive back Alethea says "I'd like to come in, if you don't mind. I need to speak with Blake."
  19. When you open the door Conner stands up and says "Where've you been all day?" Gavin says "Yeah, we thought you'd been kidnapped or something.". Alethea then walks through the door and says "Yeah, she was kidnapped by me." She smiles sweetly and laughs. Conner won't look at her but Blake says "See I told you she'd be ok." He then gives her a hug and Alethea says "Blake, I need to talk to you about something, it's important." Blake nods and they leave the room.
  20. You're exausted after today so you go to bed. And for the first time in a long while you can hear the quiet lullaby that you've been missing.
  21. Night night :) Who do you love?

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