Hogwarts Love Story Part 10

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Yay,part 10!!! Take all the other parts or you won't understand!!(if you haven't already!) XD XP :D :P :) ;0 *_* ^_^ -_-


Created by: 5thMarauder

  1. That night you,Hermione and Ginny went to bed and fell asleep immediatly.When you woke up,you could hear them shouting.You opened your presents(I'm not going into detail,you can fantasize about that yourself ^.^) and went outside.The three of you walked around the grounds,and seeing the boys,hid behind a statue.You gathered up some snow,shaping it into a ball and threw it at George's head.It hit the back of his head and he whirled around,looking for the thrower.
  2. Ginny pushed you out in front of the statue,laughing.George threw a snowball at you,but you ducked.It hit Hermione instead and she threw one at George.It hit Ron instead and he aimed at Hermione,hitting Ginny.Harry threw a snowball at you and it hit you in the stomach.The seven of you continued the snowball fight until luchtime,when you all went in,soaking wet and freezing.When you entered the great hall,you saw that Dumbledore had all the teachers and students sitting at one table.You sat in between Harry and Fred,facing Oliver.Oliver grinned."What happened to you all?!" he asked.""W-w-we had a s-snowb-ball fight!",replied Hermione,her teeth chattering."Crackers!" said Dumbledore enthusiastically.He took one end of one,offering the other end to Snape.Snape took it reluctantly,and tugged.The cracker exploded and a giant hat with a vulture on top flew out.You remembered the boggart,and looked at Harry.
  3. The two of you began laughing hysterically,almost falling off your seats.Before you could fall,Fred caught your back and Oliver grabbed you and Harry's hands.Two minutes later you were still laughing and none of you could look at each other with out laughing.After lunch,Hermione told McGonagall harry had received a Firebolt,and McGonagall had taken it.Harry and Ron were furious with her,and she was extremely sad...:(
  4. A week after the start of term,you were walking through the halls when you heard someone calling you."_____!",he called."____!".You turned around and saw Harry."Yeah?",you said."Can you show me your patronus?" he asked."Sure.Why?" you replied."Prof.Lupin is teaching me how to do it." Harry said."Cool" you replied,and wordlessly cast expecto patronum.A big silvery panther shot from the end of your wand a circled(is that spelt right?) you and Harry.You smiled."How come its a panther?",asked Harry."People say that your patronus represents you as a person.Panthers are meant to be strong,fearless,sly and bringers of silent justice...and they have a lot of enemies!",you laughed.
  5. "Thanks!" said Harry.That saturday,Slytherin played against Ravenclaw.Slytherin won,though narrowly.January faded into February,the bitter weather staying the same.After a fight about Crookshanks and Scabbers,it looked like the end of Ron and Hermione's friendship.The saturday after,you headed down to the quidditch pitch for the Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw match.Lee Jordan began commentating,but ended in him advertising Firebolts.You looked down to the ground and saw three dementors approaching Harry.He cast expecto patronum,and caught the snitch.The crowd roared with boo's and cheers.When you got down it turned out that the three "dementors" were actually Marcus Flint,Draco Malfoy and Goyle.All the Gryffindors returned to the common room,Fred and George dissapearing,and returning with loads of fizzy drinks and sweets.You got a bit hyper and started having a competition with the twins who could do a handstand for the longest(don't ask XD).
  6. Fred did a handstand,and you pushed him while he was in the air.He crashed into a bookcase,knocking them all down.He was lying down on the floor,laughing,covered in books. Suddenly someone hugged you from behind.You turned around and saw Oliver,with the monkey on his shoulder."Hi!!",he said,very hyper."Hi!",you replied."Watcha doin'?"."I'm trying to teach the monkey how to play quidditch!",replied Oliver."What?!Oliver,monkeys can't play quidditch.." "He can!Come on,I'll show you!" said Oliver."It's raining" you replied."Oh..",he said dissapointed."Tomorrow" you promised.
  7. You went to bed after that.You were always a very light sleeper,and you were suddenly awoken."AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!NNNNNNOOOO!" screamed somebody.Hermione and Ginny jumped out of bed,fightened.You all rushed out into the commom room,still in your pajamas.(shorts and a t-shirt.Yes,in the winter -_-)You saw all the boys in the common room,and girls began to come in too.You stood next to Oliver,who was still in his pajamas too."Whats going on?!" you whispered.
  8. Oliver frowned and shrugged.The room began filling with voices."Who shouted?""What're you doing?""Are you sure you weren't dreaming Ron?""I'm telling you,I saw him!""What's all the noise?""prof.McGonagall told us to go to bed!""WHAT HAPPENED?!"(that was you XP)"Everyone back to bed!" said Percy,the head boy."Perce!Black-Sirius Black! In my room with a knife!" said Ron.The room went very still."Nonesense!You had to much to eat Ron,a nightmare!" replied Percy."Now really! Enough's enough!" said McGonagall,coming into the room.Ron explained to her about Black,so she asked Sir Cadagon if he let a man in.He said he did.You all went back to bed,unable to sleep.The next day Ron became an instant celebrity.he told his story so many times,it changed each time.
  9. The next morning at breakfeast,Neville received a Howler.He sprinted out of the Great Hall,but you could hear his grandmothers voice yelling what a disgrace he was.As you left the Great Hall,Oliver caught up with you."Know what day it is,____?" he asked."Umm..Saturday?" you replied."Right.Are you going to Hogsmeade?" he said.You considered it for while and then said"No"."Ok.You know,I still didn't show you the monkey playing quidditch",he said.You rolled your eyes and said,"fine,Show me".Oliver took your hand and lead you outside.He got his broom and the monkey(who lived in the owlery).He got on the broom and made it rise a few feet into the air.He held out his hand to you."Come on!" he said.You raised an eyebrow and got on behind him.The broom took off suddenly,making you gasp and wrap your arms around Oliver's waist.He flew above the lake and stopped.
  10. "What are you doing?!" you laughed.Oliver crossed his legs and swung himself upside down on the broom.He let go of the broom with his hands,and laughed."You're being very stupid right now",you said smirking."Why?" Oliver asked,confused.You grabbed his ankles and pulled them apart,making him fall head first into the water.Oliver came up gasping and laughing.He grabbed your hand and pulled you in.When you hit the water,you gasped because it was so cold.
  11. *Hola,peoples! I know nothing really has happened this year so far,but it will get better!! I promise!! If you have any suggestions just put them in the comments!!*

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