Love at Hogwarts Pt 24

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It's year 6! There is death and betrayal. Harrry suspects Draco for a crime but is it just to break you up? but can you still fid the love of the guys of your dreams in this madness?

Hey guys I hope you are enjoying this quizz series! I am thinking of new inspiration for other quizzes such as creepy pasta if you have not seen that on youtube

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. Mcgonagal came in at that time. "What happened?" "This cup had a type of pison in it because I was envious of you." "Professor Dumbeldore will hear about this and for god sakes Mr Potter and Ms Birdie take Ron to the hospital wing!" you nodded and you dragged Ron all the way to the hospital room.
  4. Hermoine came the next morning. "What happened?" Harry explained. Lavender came in. "My dear Won won!" she sobbed. "Not to many people can come he'll only tell three people to stay." Mcgonagal said.Ron slowly wokeup. "Mr weasley please slect three people to stay." "H....harry......H...hermoin....e......a...and....." It was a fight between you and lavender. "B....bird" Lavender screamed and stormed off.
  5. You stayed there for the whole day watching Ron sleep with Hermoine. Harry went down to collect some things for breakfast. "B....birdie?" "Yes Ron I'm don't need to worry." "Fred and.....George......wants you to write to them." You giggled. "I'm more concerend about you for the moment I'll get to them soon." He blushed a bit.
  6. You left Ron later that evening and you wrote to Fred and George.
  7. You had a night watch over Ron. You kept count of how many times Ron's chest fell up and down.
  8. Ron was able to leave the next day and you resumed to classes. It was like nothing had happened. No one askd questions. The only thing that was different was the Lavender was giving you and Hermoine the stink eye. Ron was relieved that she wasn't hanging around him anymore.
  9. Draco and Snape acted more evil than ever. You even noticed it. They were more......secretive. "Hey Draco anything wrong?" He acted like he didn't here you. You followed him and and grabbed his arm. "Birdie.....we shouldn't be together anymore....." "B-but why?" "Your going to hate me after's best to do it now before I break your heart anyfurther" Tears were streaming down your face. His eyes started to leak to. "I-I'm sorry....." You ran away crying to the gryffindor common room.
  10. "Hey Birdie!" you ran right past Neville, Ron and Harry. "Bird?" they calle dout after you. You ran into your room and sunk on the wall. Sobbing uncontrolably. "Are.." "Get! Out!" The boys shrunk back. About an hour later they must have told Hermoine and Ginny because they ran into the room, hugging you. "What's wrong?" "D-draco....he hates me!" Ginny turned red. "Oh he's going to get it! No-one breaks my BFF'S HEART AND GET'S AWAY WITH IT!" You sighed. "Everything will be alright." Hermoine reassured you. "The funny thing is he said if we were together any longer I would have hated him" the girls looked puzzled. "It's almost time for dinner. go wash up." Hermoine said you got up and groggily washed your face. When you and the girls went down stairs you ran into Draco. "Hey..." Ginny punched him across the face, took your arm and dragged you to the food room.

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