Are You a Good Combat Arms Player?

Many people call themselves pro in the Combat Arms Quiz, this simple quiz will test your knowledge about the game and be able to answer them quite well.

Do you think you got the skills in the game? Well, here is a simple quiz that will test your skills in the game. You'll be tested on many levels and expected to know the game well. Are you a Combat Arms professional?

Created by: James Navrkal
  1. What would be the best in general GP assault rifle to use in the game?
  2. Where should your crosshair should always be pointing at?
  3. What's the different speed between Specs and normal players?
  4. In the game, which weapon set are competive against one another between power, accuracy, balanced, and reliablity.
  5. According to the game, a typical M4A1 Carbine is 800 GP, if you're going to buy it for a long period. What should you do?
  6. What shouldn't you buy at all?
  7. What is the best starting NX weapon you should buy?
  8. According to many people, the L96A1 and the AK47 had a flaw which is incorrect, what was it?
  9. According the Nexon, NX silence weapons are better because?
  10. What is the best in general GP sniper rifle in the game?
  11. How should you enter a room?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Good Combat Arms Player?