How well do you know Madness Combat?

There are MC Fans, You know you are one, But people thinks you're lieing and you're not, People doesn't? Solve this quiz and tell your friends you actually are a fan!

Are you fan enough to pass this quiz? It will test how many you know about Madness Combat, Good Luck! (Don't get a score of 0-18 ._.) However, The last ones won't affect your points.

Created by: Tent2

  1. Who is The Auditor?
  2. How is called the clown?
  3. What did the Auditor use to try to kill Jebus?
  4. Who are the main protagonists?
  5. The game where you have to complete missions, You can play as Hank Sanford deimos and Christoff.
  6. What accident did he cause in Project Nexus? (LEVEL 1 - AREA 2)
  7. Do you like Madness Combat? (Questions won't affect your results.)
  8. Do you like Project Nexus? (Won't affect results.)
  9. Let's see your results.
  10. And your result is..

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Madness Combat?