What do you really know about HALO?

There are many people who think they know everything about HALO. Well Im putting them to the challenge and seeing if they can pass the ultimate HALO quiz.

Do you think you got the knowlledge to complete this quiz. You must know many details about HALO, but Im sure everyone will complete this with a passing score!

Created by: Nick Bilotta
  1. Captian Keys dies by
  2. In HALO CE, what is the very first gun you get?
  3. How mny HALO rings from the begining existed?
  4. What is the Oracles number?
  5. In HALO 3, what level does Cortana say "I am your shield, I am your sword?"
  6. Tarturaus is the leader of
  7. In HALO 2, what level were you aided by the Hunters?
  8. What HALO had one of Breaking Benjamin's songs play during a battle?
  9. How many shots can the Fuel Rod hold?
  10. What is the Master Chief's spartan number?
  11. How many Scarabs do you kill in HALO 3?
  12. At the begining of HALO 3, Cortana says she picked the Master Chief because he has
  13. In HALO 3, what level does Cortana say "You will be called upon to serve?"
  14. In HALO 3, after what level does Truth activate the portal?
  15. What was changed about the Plasma Pistol in HALO 3?
  16. What prophet dies first?
  17. In HALO 2, what level where the drones first introduced?
  18. What two Covenant races are about the same height?
  19. What is needed to activate HALO?
  20. How many levels does HALO 2 Have?
  21. On the second level in HALO CE, how many life-boats do you have to search for?
  22. About how tall are the Hunters?
  23. In HALO 2, How many times do you have to jump on Regret to kill him on Legendary?
  24. Johnson uses what to help bring down Tarturaus in HALO 2
  25. How many grenades can the Brute Shot hold per clip in HALO 3
  26. After what level in HALO 2 does Cortana say "Don't make a girl a promise...if you know you can't keep it?"
  27. At the begining of HALO 2, what prophet is a hologram?
  28. In HALO 2, what level does Johnson use the line "I know what the ladies like?"
  29. What are the HALOs referred to as?
  30. In what year does HALO take place?
  31. In HALO 3, what takes dow the two pelicans on the first level?
  32. In what level in HALO 3 does the Flood aid for a short period of time?
  33. What weapon does Johnson give you in HALO 3 to kill the Oracle with?
  34. How many of your allies do you have to kill in order for them to turn on you?
  35. What is the Master Chief's name?
  36. Who saves Miranda in HALO 2 on the Quarantine Zone when she slips while retrieving the Index?
  37. At the end of what level in HALO 3 does Cortana say "This place will become your home......this place will become your tomb?"
  38. How many levels are there total in the HALO series?
  39. In HALO CE, when are you first itroduced to Hunters?
  40. What two HALO games have a level name thats he same?

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Quiz topic: What do I really know about HALO?