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If you are a HALO fanatic, this is the quiz for you. Test how well you know your HALO, see if you are smarter than we are. See if you have the brain capacity of a grunt or of Cortana

We are not smart people, but we were smart enough, with the help of our experience with HALO, to make this great quiz. If you think that you know HALO that well, feel free to take the test without wiki, if you know that your a complete idiot, and could never pass it, call a meeting of the breakfast club, maybe they could help you.

Created by: jon
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  1. What is the new covenant weapon in halo 3?
  2. What is cortana?
  3. How many skulls are there on halo 3?
  4. Can u kill Sgt. Johnson?
  5. What is the biggest vehicle of the halo trilogy?
  6. Can you dual wield a needler on halo 3?
  7. What is a new custom game on halo 3?
  8. How many halo game are there?
  9. What happens to the Elites at the end of halo 2?
  10. Can you play halo on PS2?

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