Are you as much of a Halo fanboy as me?

Ah, Halo. The single greatest game in all of gaming history, in my and many other peoples eyes. I am a true fanboy, through and through. However, are you?

Are you a fanboy? Take this test to find out. Are you a lowly grunt? An average marine? A confident elite, or even... a cold, deadly spartan? Take the test, and find out.

Created by: GothicSpaz
  1. Where does the first Halo game begin?
  2. What is the name of the company that makes Halo?
  3. THE NEXT FEW QUESTIONS WILL BE IN THIS FORMAT: "Wake me when you __________________."
  4. "Blame _______"
  5. "Do you have a plan?" "Yes. When I get there, I'm going to kill ___________________."
  6. Put the Halo games in the order that they were RELEASED.
  7. Put the Halo games in the order that they HAPPENED.
  8. What is the species that the Arbiter belongs to? (Elites REAL name)
  9. Which one of these is NOT a weapon in Halo?
  10. Why do the Arbiter and the rest of the elites join forces with the humans?

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Quiz topic: Am I as much of a Halo fanboy as me?