Many people know Halo... The question is, do you know it better?! The ULTIMATE HALO QUIZ is a test of true halo smarts and whits. So are you up to the challenge???

Well Be careful, Some of these questions can be a little difficult! But if your up the the 28 questions ahead then hey... go ahead! Good luck!!!!!!!!

Created by: rainy
  1. Master Cheif is what number spartan
  2. What is Master Chief's name?
  3. What are the 3 prophet's names?
  4. in Halo what space zombie is introduced to the game?
  5. What Vehicles were NOT included in halos 1-3? ( only 3)
  6. What Ship does master chief escape from as the Flood are attacking it?
  7. Is Cortana sexy?
  8. What Does ODST stand for?
  9. What Weapons are Changed in Halo ODST?
  10. What would you say if these questions ment nothing?
  11. What human colony made first contact with the covenant?
  12. When does war break out between the humans and covenant?
  13. What UNSC ship destroys the first halo ring when it explodes?
  14. What is a Warthog?
  15. In Halo 2, what armour does Master Chief get?
  16. What UNSC ship do Master Chief and Cortana chase the prophet of Regret in?
  17. How does Chief kill regret?
  18. Who do the Elites have a power struggle with?
  19. Who is the leader of the Flood?
  20. In Halo 3 where does Master Chief Crash?
  21. Witch UNSC ship do the Unsc use to follow truth through a slipspace portal in halo 3?
  22. Where does the slipspace portal lead?
  23. Who kills Captain Keys?
  24. Who kills Sgt. Johnson?
  25. BONUS!!! Does Master Chief Survive the explosion?
  26. What is my catchphrase?

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