how much do u know halo?

heres a short halo quiz to test you intelligence on the greatest video game ever, of all time. warning noobs not excepted! halo pros will ace this test.

hopefully your a true halo pro. remember, COD gamers, noobs, and the people who think they know every thing and only wory about scores and achievements rather than the story and game play itself, suck at life.

Created by: LimyMage918
  1. what is master chiefs name and Spartan number?
  2. who are the two main protagonists(enemies) in halo 4
  3. who are the 3 covenant hierarchs?
  4. what weapon could only be dual wielded in halo 2?
  5. has a fan ever made an Atari version of halo?
  6. which one of these halo games take place first, in the halo timeline?
  7. are there halo books?
  8. what is the first assault rifle in the halo games?
  9. what is the name of the youtube show made by rooster teeth that have taken part in halo history?
  10. what is the name of the halo game that is like G mod
  11. what year was the first halo game released?
  12. what year did the first three games take place?

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