Halo spartan armor

Created by: blastronaut789
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  1. How fast can you think of your feet?
  2. Pick a number during augmentation. (This is to test and see of you can make it but will be no huge effect mainly to test luck)
  3. Can you complete the obstacle coarse at for hood.
  4. Favorite primary weapon.
  5. Favorite side arm?
  6. What is your primary branch?
  7. Favorite vehicle?
  8. As a spartan you job is to?
  9. Now for a couple scenarios. You are pinned down in a fire fight with insurrectionists, bullets fly past you and hit a marine preparing to fire. A medic shoots forward to check on his injuries, you are?
  10. You are in a frigate, you were supposed to be waiting up there in case you were needed. Th fleet admiral messages you as you get close to the planet. What do you do?
  11. Who is the leader of the UNSC?

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