Ther are Many people in the World, Few are like Spartans, are you one of them or a grunt, Take the test to find out, well what you waiting for do you want to find out if your a spartan?

"well are a Spartan, to you have the Memory, power, refexes and hope... well? But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!" refexes?

Created by: Ryan

  1. How many levals are there (excluding "noble actual")
  2. What rank is Cartar S-259?
  3. how many spartan 3'S are there in noble?
  4. What weapon does Emile normally use?
  5. how many Elite zealots take on Emile at the mass driver (nomal dificulty)
  6. following on from the last question, how many of the Elites does Emile Kill? (nomal dificulty)
  7. Who is the Commanding officer of Noble team?
  8. Which level can you find the Reach racer Easter egg?
  9. How many A.A guns do you have to take out on the Misson Tip of the Spear?
  10. What does Carter fly his Pelican into to save 6 and Emile?
  11. Which member of Noble team is Jun? (Carter is Noble 1)
  12. What is the highest rank you can acieve on line?
  13. where can you find Emiles energy sword in sword base? (The misson The Package)

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