are you a myspace addict?

There are many myspace addicts. Some have a very severe case of myspace addiction and some aren't so bad and some aren't even a myspace addict. A myspace addict is somebody who is probably on myspace almost 24/7 and dosen't have a life outside of myspace.

Are you a myspace addict? Do you have a life outside of myspace? Are you obsessed with myspace? If you wanna know then take a few minutes out of myspace to take this quiz!!

Created by: Mrs.Brophy

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  1. How many times a day do you check your myspace?
  2. When you do check your myspace,how many hours do you spend on it?
  3. Has there ever been a time you cryed because your internet or computer wasn't working,which meant you could not check your myspace?
  4. Do you put up new myspace pics almost daily?
  5. If you have a sidekick,did you just get one so you could be on myspace even when you're not home?
  6. Are you always updating your myspace page?
  7. Have you ever had an argument with somebody on myspace,and got so angry you wanted to find them and beat them up?
  8. Do you get really enraged when you when you have a new myspace pic up and nobody comments it?
  9. Is myspace almost your life?
  10. When you are not on your myspace,do you constantly think about what is on it?
  11. The last question... When you are logging into your myspace and its loading,do you get really anxious and does your heart start pounding?

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Quiz topic: Am I a myspace addict?