How addicted to Myspace are You?

Myspace is a very popular website, with many positive and negative reviews. For example, myspace can help you get in touch with old friends and reconnect. It can also help you meet new people or maybe even the love of your life. Or a negative, Spammers!!

So, do you spend too much time on myspace? Is it possible? Yes, not that it's always a bad thing. Myspace is a social network. It was made for people to spend time on it! So where do you fall? Is your page the bare minimum? Or is it one of those overcrowded pages that take too long to load? Well You are 15 questions away from finding out!

Created by: Kristina

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  1. Do you repost all the 'do this or this will happen bulletins'?
  2. Do you post bulletins of 'real life stories'? example: all the stuff that was supposedly found in Burger King's ball pen
  3. How often do u leave comments for you 'online' friends, friends you don't hang out with a lot?
  4. How often do you post blogs?
  5. How often do you change you layout?
  6. How often do you change your 'display name'?
  7. How many groups are you 'active' in? active meaning you have posted something in the last month?
  8. How often do you change your profile song?
  9. How do you decide what your profile song is?
  10. How many 'quizzes' are on your page? examples are anything that says 'what kind of ___ are you' or "you are this ___'
  11. How many music players are on your page?
  12. Do you have an 'adopted pet'?
  13. Do you actually have things written under 'about me' and other categories?

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Quiz topic: How addicted to Myspace am I?