What is your best position in basketball?

Some people don't know what is their best position in basketball when they even play it and have for years. Some people are just starting up on the game and they want to know. And others don't even like basketball but just decide to find out!

If you have taken the quiz"What is your best sport?" and you got basketball as your answer this is a great follow-up quiz.If you apply to anything in the 1st paragraph this just might be the quiz for you. So get ready to answer a few questions and remember,"It's not what you can't do it's what you can."

Created by: Chris
  1. Do you have good leadership skills?
  2. How tall are you?
  3. If you shot 10 layups from your strong side, how many would you make?
  4. In a 40 minute game, how many rebounds would you probably get?
  5. In a 40 minut game, how many assists would you probably get?
  6. If you shot 10 midd-range jump shots, how many would you probably make?
  7. If u shot 10 3-pointers, how many would you probably make?
  8. In a 40 minute game, how many blocks would you probably get?
  9. If you shot 10 free throws, how many would you make?
  10. Would you rather...
  11. What would you have the highest shooting% doing?
  12. How smart are you?
  13. Are you good at basketball?
  14. If you said "I don't play basketball" on the last question why are you taking this quiz? If you play basketball just choose "I play basketball."
  15. Is there anything in team that refers to you?

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Quiz topic: What is my best position in basketball?