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  • What is your best position in basketball?
    Your Result: Center

    You are normally the tallest on your team! You also have a lot of strength and body mass. Almost all of your points come from inside the paint. You normally stink at free throws but you might be good. You normally block some shots and get a lot of rebounds.

    Power Forward
    Small Forward
    Point Guard
    Shooting Guard

    I am center on my team and the tallest. This quiz is accurate.

  • Your Result: Power Forward 91%

    You can play in the role of a center. You are typically one of the tallest players on the court. You are an aggressive rebounder and score most of your points in the paint. You also might have a good mid-range jumper.

    Not true, lol, I play shooting guard and have a very nice jumper. I do score a lot in the paint so that's about the only thing this survey got correct.

  • I'm currently a center but I think I'll be tall enough for a Small Forward in the NBA since I'm gonna be around 6'5". My cousin is a Small Forward/Shooting Guard and he's in the NBA.

  • this quiz is very true. i got point guard, and i am a point guard, i can be tall or small or whatever and yeah idont know how to put the result here beacause im on my ipod and i dont no how.

  • this quiz is true i am point guard and thats what i got this scares me alittle lol


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