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  • I got shooting guard, which is great because I can shoot the ball veeerrryyy good. ;) problem in my high school team I am one of the tallest and I am only 5'6'' ... They dont let me play SG, cuz they need me on post .. but next year I'll be in college and the girls there are tall... si I'll probably be a SG or a PG ... I will be in so much trouble lol

    braaindamaage Oct 6 '15, 7:50PM
  • Imthe best shouting Guard /point Guard , short , fast and flashy passes..

    Nemesis May 22 '14, 7:57PM
  • im a center but I will only grow to be 6 foot tall but right now I am a giant anyone know any good basketball camps in Missouri

    Bradythebeast Mar 29 '14, 11:46AM

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