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Helloes! This is part two of Icy's Talk Show or what I guess you can call a story? I don't know, call it whatever as long as you don't call it stupid!

Yeah, so um, I SWEAR this whole thing is just something I made up myself. Me and Zane were in a thread on Offbeat, this stuff really happened so yeahh. Even the random parts of Tony happened in offbeat xD

Created by: IcyDesignns
  1. "Hello and welcome to Icy's Talk Show, I'm your host Icy!" I said excitedly, I sat down in my chair. "Today our special guest is.....Zane Is Here! Also known as Zane, Zane how does it feel to be here?" I asked, putting the mic in his face.
  2. "Well it's great to be on a show with a great host like you," He smiled. "Oh, it's always great to hear those words," I smiled. "So hows life on GTQ? Any particular reason you come here everyday?" I asked.
  3. He sighed. "Life on GTQ is sometimes great but can be hard at times. I come here everyday because I have nothing to really do with my broken legs."
  4. "And how did you get broken legs Mr. Harvill?" I asked. "Well, I was roller blading with my buds when a speeding car ran over me." "Ouch that's gotta hurt! At the moment, what was on your mind? Did you think your life was going to be over?" Just after I asked that, the same man from the last show, Tony, came in and peed on Zane. Security came to get him. "That's my way of saying you suck!" He was yelling.
  5. "Yeah, I was thinking my life WAS ready over. I mean, you don't see alot of people get hit by a car and survive." He said, ignoring the pee. "That must have been a rush. Anything you'd like to tell the audience tonight, sir?"
  6. "Yep. IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT!" He yelled. The entire audience laughed -- including me. "Haha. So tell me about yourself, the situation between your family..." "Oh, well I didn't know my family when I was born because I was in a home for orphans. I recently found them this year and I found out I have 12 other siblings." I saw Tony in the back pushing a old man on the grou d and sitting in his seat. "Woah, 12 siblings? Your parents must have had loads of fun!" I said and the crowd started laughing.
  7. "Oh damn. I thought this was a daytime show!" Said Zane, crowd laughed. ".....well that was a dry joke." Says Tony sitting in the back of the auditorium. Crowd laughed again.
  8. "If you don't mind I'd like to ask you a couple questions, Zane." I said. "Sure, that's what I'mhere for." He kicked his legs up on the desk. "Ok. Can you describe your relationship with your GTQ girlfriend?"
  9. "Haha. Well me and Mia are really close. Not like the R-rated close, but close. We are really happy together and I hope we stay together forever." Answered Zane. A girl in the crowd says "Awhhhhhhhhhhhh!" and people start clapping. "Oh look at the crowd. Well that's a healthy relationship right there, good luck. Next question: If another girl liked you, what would you do?"
  10. He lauged. "Well, I would be surprised. Not a lot of girls dig me. If one would, I would ask why. If I am still with Mia, which I probably would be, I would let her down easy." He said. "Haha. Let her down easy? Let's see if she doesn't slash your tires then." The crowd laughed a bit. "Car? What car?" Then the croud laughs again.
  11. "SPEED IT UP!" Yelled the cameraman. "SHUT UP BOB!" I yelled. "So, Zane, anything you want to say to the crowd? You are on television." I said. Zane went up to the cameraman and yelled "FOR SOMEONE WHO'S BEHIND THE CAMERA, YOU SURE DO TALK A LOT!" and slapped Bob in the face. He returned to his seat.
  12. "I would like to give a shoutout to my mom, getlost. My sister, kwright. My favorite sister, Icydesignns. AND... even though she's not in my family, my girlfriend, Mia." He said with a smile. I smiled, too.
  13. "Time." Said the cameraman. "Oh, well I'm afraid that's all the time we have for tonight. Thank you so much for coming, Zane. This is your host Icy, signing off." I said, jumping off set. "Night everyone!"

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