Are you a deadbeat parent?

you are extremely involved and concerned with your children's well being. Because of your great parenting skills you are raising a group sure to be well mannered, well behaved and well equipped to deal with the world ahead of them

My wife and I and our best friends all live in a small town in East Texas. Even though none of us will ever see 65 again we do love to see good movies and we depend on your reviews to help us make our choices. Most of the reviews talked about the visuals and the acting. The one common theme was that you can not leave this movie at the theater it follows you home and that intrigued us. Last week we drove the two hours to Dallas to see the film. Our first moment of enjoyment was the look on the face of the ticket lady when we asked if the Senior Discount applied to Brokeback. As the movie begins you hear the mournful sound of the train whistle and you sense you are about to go on an amazing journey. And amazing it is. The visuals and the music take you quickly to a place of great beauty, peace, and solitude. The acting is first rate and you swear you actually know Alma, Ennis, Lureen, and Jack just seconds after they appear on the screen. Suffice to say we all four thought the movie was extremely well done and thought provoking.

Created by: gibson

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How often do you see your children?
  2. I communicate with my child's custodial parent
  3. My children share what position in your life.
  4. I know my children's best friends by
  5. My children talk with me
  6. My children are doing
  7. I pay child support because
  8. I have been to jail because of child support
  9. What is your race?
  10. My favorite letter is

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Quiz topic: Am I a deadbeat parent?