How much of a MagiQuesters expert are you?

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There is a great series to be published called the Magiquesters series. Me, my brother, and the characters are all experts in this supreme reality. We know all the character's secrets, from middle names to secret identities.

This is a fantasy story. among this quiz you will not just find your farmiliar dragons and unicorns, but also epic deaths, fabulous creatures, and secrets beyond the mortal eye.

Created by: Natasha Bird

  1. What is Larkus's sword's name?
  2. What is the name of the lost clan?
  3. What did black think of the clock as?
  4. What is Black Widow?
  5. What is Thunderheart's mom's name?
  6. Windwings is still alive
  7. What is Wolf?
  8. Which is NOT one of the griffins in the series?
  9. What does Nocte look like?
  10. What is black widow's true name?
  11. What beast/beasts did they encounter that showed them the way to the dreamer clan camp?
  12. What is the gustik bird's feather an omen of if you touch it?
  13. What is the Drath a relative of?
  14. Drathes can talk
  15. What is the name of the dreamer clan's god?
  16. What animals are sacred to the dreamer clan?
  17. Who is the author?
  18. What is Hamlet's full name?
  19. How many dragons are main characters?
  20. Why does the Dying serpent in the cave say he is Atheerisim?
  21. How many characters are involved in the tricking?
  22. How did they trick them?
  23. Who tricked?

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Quiz topic: How much of a MagiQuesters expert am I?