Creating a Character:

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You've had trouble creating characters before. Now all you have to do is answer the questions to create your dream character. So go on, try it!!!

A long list of characters to get, many including references, descriptions and such.

Created by: S
  1. Does your character have a secret identity?
  2. If your character were surrounded he/she would...
  3. Your character has to sing karaoke, he/she is _______.
  4. Your character listens to which type of music?
  5. Does your character know odd facts that he/she blurts out at odd times?
  6. Is your character impulsive?
  7. How was your characters grades in school?
  8. What type of clothes does your character wear?
  9. Is your character Artistic?
  10. Would your character wear a cape?

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