Which manic-pixie character are you?

I've been creating original characters for a long time - from calm, calculated villains to heroes, to wackjobs to eccentrics to plain janes.....find out which character of mine you most resemble!

Which original character are you? Who is your terrible altar ego? Villain, hero, urchin, conman, mercenary, pixie, academic, prostitute, viking - the list is endless. find out....if you have the stomach.

Created by: amazon

  1. What's your alignment?
  2. favourite film star of the following?
  3. What's the most important?
  4. fighting style?
  5. Sexuality?
  6. what's your view on love and relationships?
  7. where do you sit in class?
  8. someone gives you an envelope to deliver. You....
  9. choose a facial expression:
  10. favourite colour?
  11. no-body loves you....
  12. are you messy?
  13. will you ever get married?
  14. favourite drink?
  15. pick a battlecry.
  16. what do you take out of a burning house?

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Quiz topic: Which manic-pixie character am I?