Is He Flirting With You?

There's that guy you've been crushing on for a while now. You flirt with him and try to be cute around him. Heck, you may even dress or take care of your hair differently! But is he flirting back?

This quiz will tell you whether you need to move on to better things or that this guy is most definitely flirting back at you!! Good luck ladies! I hope the results help you figure out your next move.

Created by: Val
  1. How often do you text?
  2. When you're around him and his friends, does he act differently then when your not there?
  3. You're in the middle of class and you make eye contact. Does he...
  4. When texting, which smiley does he send you most?
  5. Buy you random stuff?
  6. He's walking by when you steal his hat off of his head and wear it. He's...
  7. You find yourself in the middle of a poke war with your friends and decide to poke him too. He...
  8. How often are you flirting at him?
  9. Is he a flirt?
  10. Does he smile more when you're around?

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