Is he flirting with you on twitter?

Today the world is changing and so are the ways of flirting. Social networks like twitter are becoming an integral part of our lives. Does it feel like someone at twitter likes you? You think so, but you're not sure? I've been in the same situation, and didn't find much help/advice/quiz online. That is why I created this quiz, from my own experience.

This quiz is based on some of the basic signs he'd show, as I found from the few articles online, and from my own experience. I hope you enjoy taking this quiz and find your answer! Remember, this is just for fun, it isn't professional!

Created by: Mrs. C
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  1. Do you follow him, and he follows you too?
  2. Has he added you to any twitter lists he made?
  3. Does he reply to your random tweets often?
  4. Does he tweet @ you a lot of times?
  5. When you @ tweet him, does he reply?
  6. Does he initiate direct messages?
  7. Does he reply to your DMs?
  8. Do you have a lot of mutual friends? Does it feel like he's befriending your friends?
  9. Does he call you honey/sweetie/baby etc?
  10. Did he give you a nickname??
  11. Do your conversations go on for hours?
  12. Does he tell you his secrets or little stories from his life?
  13. Is he there for you when you need someone?
  14. How often do you communicate?
  15. Does he ask you about your day and talk about his day?
  16. Does he tweet or DM you good morning or good night?
  17. Does he use more smileys around you than around anyone else?
  18. Does his behavior change when talking to you as compared to others?
  19. Has be ever expressed a desire to email or IM?
  20. Does he send you virtual hugs?

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