What kind of twitterer are you?

Twitter is THE social media tool these days. Many new people join every day and explore this exciting new world. And so there are different types of twitter users.

What kind of twitter user are you? Do you use twitter all the time? Sometimes? Take the quiz and find our. Just 12 easy questions with a sense of humor.

Created by: Dusan
  1. Do you wish your followers a good morning?
  2. How many people do you follow?
  3. How many tweets do you shoot to the world per day?
  4. A new follower to you is like...
  5. Since you use twitter your real life conversations often start with...
  6. Where do you twitter?
  7. Twitter will...
  8. What would you rather support:
  9. How do you feel about opening rather detailed information about your life to the public on twitter (or other social media services)?
  10. Is there anything you like to add?

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Quiz topic: What kind of twitterer am I?