What kind of Pinata are you?

What type of Pinata are you? Well, check out Evil_pinata on Myspace to see someone who is of the Evil kind. Take this quiz and you'll find out exactly what kind of Pinata you are

Please answer honestly, the results will be tainted if you give asnwers that you think we want to hear. Put down the first thought that enters your head.......good luck!

Created by: Evil of www.evilpinata.com
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  1. Do you prefer Quality Street or Roses?
  2. Do you like baseball?
  3. Are you good with children?
  4. Are you afraid of heights?
  5. Does surgery scare you?
  6. Do you like Mexican food?
  7. What's your favourite colour?
  8. Do you like Blue Peter
  9. You're at a party, which of the following best describes you?
  10. When you were younger, which part of the circus did you like the most?
  11. You've been asked to babysit for a friend. How do you spend the evening?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Pinata am I?