What kind of worker are you?

This is just a little simple quiz. Just a small thing in a big thing. This is just, kind of a personality test. But you'll get the result in a new way. There ae many quizzes alike this one, but noone is like this. They're different, but still - they have the same goal.

So, let's see. What kind of worker are you? Meybe you're a serious and calm Psychologist. Or maybe you're a Designer who cares way too much about how you look. Take a few minutes to go and check out.

Created by: Kweno
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  1. Someone tells you about this party on Saturday, it's going to be awesome! What do you say?
  2. You're going to write a book. What will be the title?
  3. How would you declare yourself?
  4. You care really much about how you look.
  5. Friday Night, You and your partner is going to rent a movie, he says you'll get to choose. What kind of movie do you rent?
  6. What kind of music do you listen to?
  7. What kind of worker do you think you'll be?
  8. Do you like new things? Or changes?
  9. What's you're favourite color?
  10. So this is the last question.. Did you like this quiz/test? I mean the questions and that..?

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Quiz topic: What kind of worker am I?