What is your ambition.

This quiz is to test what your ambition is, who you want to be when you grow up. THere's not long left why don't you take this quiz to help you out but don't take it too serisuoly.Im sure you think you know what you want to be but is the reeally correct are is it just ehat you THINK you want to do?

What do you wnat to be? ARe you sure ? Let's try the test to help you with you're confusion What is your true goal in life. Is it a receptionist council worker Actor Singer mechanic. If you don't egt ne you want relate it to the one you did get!!

Created by: Patrick

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  1. You like Talking on the phone?
  2. You Love TO Sing?
  3. You are a dram quenn/king.
  4. You love scrubbing away the dirt and grime.
  5. You like to fix things and love seeing sparks.
  6. You like being in the spotlight.
  7. Dancing is your passion and your gr8 at it.
  8. You take pride in your home.
  9. You like Cleaning other peoples mess
  10. You love the cmaera and press.
  11. You enjoy earphones

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Quiz topic: What is my ambition.