Keith on behalf of David and Paul

This is just a fun quiz to see what kind of stereo-type teacher you could be. Most of the questions were not created by me but I hope you find them entertaining and - dare i say - helpful.

Could YOU rule the school? Do you have the level of ambition, manners, sensitivity, and caring that is required? The answer may be different to what you would expect - so take the test and we'll see if you are up to the job!

Created by: Keith

  1. For the first time in his life Cecil, the class softy, is ever so slightly cheeky to you. Do you:
  2. As usual tracy doesn't hand in her homework and says the dog chewed it up. Do you:
  3. On open night a parent politely asks if "the mark you gave my daughter wasn't a little on the low side?" Do you:
  4. You are on yard duty and you see Big Baz bashing Little Lawrence. Do you:
  5. You are teaching maths and realize you can't do fractions. Do you:
  6. You are teaching maths and realise that you can't do fractions. Do you:
  7. In your assembly, a pupil makes a rude noise very loudly. Do you:
  8. You discover one of your pupils tying up a supply teacher in a stock cupboard. Do you:
  9. In the staffroom a student is sitting in your seat, drinking your coffee from your mug. Do you:
  10. A student plays a practical joke on you by leaving a slimy toad in your desk. Do you:
  11. A student accidently splashes your brand new suade shoes with a tiny bit of bright blue paint. Do you:
  12. You find a student has brought alcohol into school and is drunk behind the bike sheds. Do you:
  13. A dinner lady offers you double chips and then double jam roly-poly pudding in front of all the pupils. Do you:

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